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Message from the President

Aiming to be a company that continues to grow with the development of society

JTEKT Corporation Company President Tetsuo Agata

The JTEKT WAY as a driving force for growth

In January 2016, JTEKT marked its 10th year anniversary since its formation from the merger of Koyo Seiko and Toyoda Machine Works. In these 10 years, the sales of the JTEKT group have surpassed one trillion yen, and our employee population has reached 44 thousand people, three-fourths of whom are outside of Japan. JTEKT has attained a scale that can be called a global company.
In 2016, to promote future growth as a true global company, we rebuilt our set of guiding principles so that they can be shared easily on a global basis, and formulated the JTEKT WAY as the bottommost step of these principles, as a set of values that should be shared throughout the JTEKT group.
To create the JTEKT WAY, over the span of a year and a half we collected sets of values from Koyo Seiko, Toyoda Machine Works, the Toyota Group, and those from around the world established since the formation of JTEKT, and examined all of these values to see which would be necessary for our future sense of values. With solid determination, we plan to enforce the familiarization of the JTEKT WAY as the cornerstone of the growth of the JTEKT group, for the next 10, or even 100, years.
With the driving force of our shared sense of values, we will boldly work to resolve diverse social issues and achieve breakthroughs, and aspire to be a company that continues to grow with the development of society.

Enhancing risk countermeasures

For our CSR activities in FY 2015, we naturally worked to enhance initiatives for safety, quality, compliance and environmental conservation, all of which are issues we have traditionally committed ourselves to. We also enhanced points that are viewed as high-risk by the JTEKT group, such as countermeasures against large-scale earthquakes which are extremely likely to occur, and plans to nurture next-generation business managers that will fight to the end during times when there is no annual economic growth.
In particular, regarding countermeasures against large-scale disasters, we understand the obvious importance of taking responsibility for the supply of commodities as a supplier, and believe that our ability to do so is because our employees can guarantee safety for their families and arrive at work without worry. We therefore focus on a “Home Disaster Mitigation Record” within our activities.
We ask for your continued support for our efforts.

Actions to enforce compliance

The JTEKT group underwent an inspection by the Fair Trade Commission in July 2011, and was consequently recognized as having violated the Anti-Monopoly Act. We, JTEKT, take this very seriously, and are engaging in policies to strengthen our compliance framework and raise awareness in each and every employee. The operational status of each policy is periodically checked and ascertained, and improvements are implemented through the reflection of opinions from work sites within the policies.

Activity progress

[Implementation of immediate notification rules]

To avoid delayed response to compliance-related incidents, in April 2015 we began implementation of reporting compliance violations (including possible violations), in principle, within 24 hours of their occurrence or discovery.

[Summarization and presentation
of compliance violation case examples]

Each month, we summarize case examples of compliance violations (accidents/near misses) that occurred within the JTEKT group, and report these at a meeting attended by top-level management. We also present these case examples to group companies in an effort to prevent recurrence.

[Compliance check]

Inquiries which investigate the status of management regarding compliance are implemented periodically and include management of group companies.

[Reports concerning contact with competitors]

It is mandatory for all employees to submit an application before contact with competitors as well as a report after contact to the Legal Department.

[Training and educational activities]

In addition to conducting testimonies (signatures) on the observance of laws and internal company regulations, we also implemented officer and director compliance training (twice a year) and rank-based education, as well as education for our sales division. We also enforce awareness to prevent corruption (bribery).