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Since January 2013, we have established our company's brand message for how JTEKT Group will be in the future.
We believe that JTEKT's purpose of existence is found in its technologies, which are expected to be used all around the world.

Creating the next value
Creating the next value

From past to present, advances in "Monozukuri"
have shaped the times and our society, making it more secure, convenient
and comfortable as well as safer and kinder to the planet. The JTEKT Group
has utilized its combined technologies in the fields of bearings, machine
tools and automotive components to support advances in industries and society
and will continue striving to introduce new technology and products in
order to contribute to the improvement of people's lives and our communities.
In line with our desire to stay always ahead of the times and be a leading
company that persistently challenges new frontiers, we have established
our Brand Message of "Creating the Next Value." The JTEKT Group
will continue seeking to advance Monozukuri and contribute positively to
society through creating new value.