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JTEKT Japan Recruiting Information

Entry-Level Position Requirements

We are looking for engineers for entry-level positions in Steering Business Unit as well as Research & Development field.

Employee Status
Full-Time Career-Track Employee

Entry Requirements
The applicant must have acquired a Computer Science, Software Engineering, Information Technologies, Mechanical Engineering, Electric & Electronic Engineering or other related university degree within the last 2 years or is going to graduate within 1 year.

Required Skills and Qualities
・ Independent learner
・ Proactive communicator
・ Team player
・ Passionate about challenges
・ Eager to relocate to Japan for the long-term
・ Enthusiastic about job-rotation system

Technical Skills
・ R&D Field: Knowledge of Machine Learning Techniques, Clustering Analysis, Knowledge and Experience with Python/R, Python Data Science Tools, C, C++, SQL, Java, FORTRAN
・ Steering Business Unit Field: Experience using MATLAB, ANSYS, CAD, AUTOCAD, CATIA, Solidworks, FEM Analysis Software, Knowledge of Statistical Quality Control, Control Simulation, Blueprint Design, Simulation, Electric Circuit Design, Electronic Design Automation

Preferred Skills, Qualities and Experience
・ Experience of living in Japan
・ Japanese language skills
・ Knowledge of Japanese companies or Japanese working culture