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The way of thinking by JTEKT

Set of Guiding Principles

We, JTEKT have defined the JTEKT GROUP VISION as our ideal and
the JTEKT WAY as our common set of values in order to exemplify our Corporate Philosophy.

Corporate Philosophy

Seek to contribute to the happiness of people and the abundance of society through product manufacturing that wins the trust of society.


This is our ideal: to continue building value that surpasses the expectations of customers, building excellent products that astonish the world, building professionals who think and act autonomously, and producing No.1 & Only One products and services, in order to shape a better future.

Shaping a Better Future through the Spirit of No.1 & Only One


These are the values shared by all JTEKT members.
We engage ourselves in all work with absolute ambition, supported by these five values.

JTEKT WAY Our absolute ambition

Practical model

In March 2017, we took our set of guiding principles, which has conventionally served as our compass, a step further to establish a practical model for the purpose of accomplishing steady improvements of corporate value.

Management model

Creation of corporate value

Engagement model

Co-creation of corporate value


The source of JTEKT’s strength is concentrated in the elements of “Building Value” to exceed customers’ expectations, “Building Excellent Products” to astonish the world and “Building Professionals” who think and act for themselves.
By implementing these elements steadily, we will continue to produce No. 1 and Only One products and services and help create a better society of tomorrow.

Building Value

The element of “Building Value” within JTEKT is about creating competitive No. 1 and Only One products and services by further pairing of the “seeds” possessed by JTEKT with the “needs” of the world. To achieve this, JTEKT’s R&D, production engineering and advanced/mass production development groups converge twice annually to hold a Technical Management Meeting to discuss the needs of the world and decide on technical strategies for promotion.
Furthermore, in order to promote businesses in new fields not limited to existing businesses, the New Business Promotion Dept. was established in April 2017 and is promoting development of new business products based on the concept of “Human Harmonics - Harmony between man and machine”.

* Human Harmonics is a registered trademark of JTEKT Corporation.

Development of a power assist suit

In response to social issues such as a declining birthrate and aging population, labor shortage and an increased number of work-related accidents, JTEKT has leveraged its strengths such as assist technology and robotics to begin development of a power assist suit which harmonizes with people’s motions. This power-assist suit will help to alleviate the burden on operators working in the manufacturing industry as well as various other industries, and support the realization of a safe workplace environment where a diversity of people can play an active role.

Building Excellent Products

In order to send products produced as a result of “Building Value” out into the world with a competitive edge, there is a need to be top-class regarding monozukuri also. Since the dawn of the monozukuri era, JTEKT has possessed development technology for bearings, which are also known as the “backbone of industry” and used in rotating objects, as well as machine tools, which are also known as “mother machines,” and used to make machines. Now, in the midst of a revolutionary turning point due to the spread of IoT (Internet of Things), JTEKT is promoting IoE (Internet of Everything) to enable ongoing improvement to connect not only objects to other objects but also peoples’ movements as a company that possesses deep knowledge about monozukuri. This is part of our efforts to create a new foundation for monozukuri.

Adoption of IoE in JTEKT Plants

JTEKT’s Kagawa and Kameyama Plants, which operate mass production lines for bearings used on automobiles, are promoting a shift to IoE and as such, have adopted a parts supply system featuring malfunction detection and an unmanned conveyance vehicle. Other plants are gradually introducing IoE systems to promote the analysis and utilization of collected data in order to pursue efficient monozukuri.

Building Professionals

“Building Professionals” is the foundation that supports “Building Value” and “Building Excellent Products” from the roots up and JTEKT firmly believes in supporting and nurturing “people” as our company’s most important management resource. In 2016, we established the JTEKT Way which combines unspoken knowledge inherited down through history with concepts necessary for the future as a sense of values shared throughout our Group. The underlying concept at the roots of this is that each and every employee possesses a high awareness of their own role and mission and “thinks and acts” with a sense of ownership to ensure they see their work through to the end. JTEKT focuses on fostering a corporate culture whereby all employees think and act for themselves and encourage each other through friendly competition.

A Training System Incorporating

So that a company can continue growing with an acute awareness of social changes, employees must possess a healthy sense of risk in their daily routine and make steady progress in regards to problem-solving. JTEKT’s training system incorporates problem-solving exercises in its trainings by grade to ensure employees have the ability to identify the true cause (root cause) of those problems that arise in the process of daily tasks and think of potential solutions to countermeasure these, as well as create issues so that they can imagine issues that may arise in the future and preempt situations from their respective positions.