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JTEKT positions compliance as the premise and foundation supporting corporate value and believes it is essential in realizing our Corporate Philosophy.
As such, we have established the Ethics Code for Directors and Officers and Compliance Standard and thoroughly enforce this throughout the entire JTEKT group.

Promotion structure

Timely and appropriate reporting to top management

Each Managing Officer, etc. serves as Compliance Officer for their allocated division. At the monthly management meeting, compliance violations including case experiences of near-misses are reported promptly so that swift action and recurrence prevention measures can be promoted as top-level management issues.

Establishment of immediate reporting rule standard

In regards to compliance violations that have occurred within the JTEKT group, in FY2015 we established an immediate reporting rule standard which seeks the swift reporting of an incident after it has been identified (*) . This is in order to create a system in which matters are reported without omission.

* Standard on internal reporting and compliance violation management.

Training and educational activities

Based on the themes of labor-management issues and SME protection, issues that have aroused particular interest from society in recent years, JTEKT held two compliance training sessions aimed at its directors and officers. In addition to a lecture from an external lawyer, these sessions involved case studies assuming practical work tasks and were opportunities for participants to renew their awareness of issues.

Compliance Strengthening Month

We designate July of each year as Compliance Strengthening Month, during which we implement enlightenment activities for all employees. In FY2016, JTEKT’s President sent out a message not only to JTEKT Corporation internally, but also group companies both in Japan and abroad. In addition to Japanese, the president’s message was translated into nine languages (*) including English to provide better support for overseas group companies. Moreover, we implemented compliance training focused on e-learning and workplace read-throughs for all employees (participation rate: 100%).

* English, Chinese, French, Thai, Romanian, Czech, Portuguese, Spanish and German

Officer and director compliance training held in July

Internal reporting consultation desks

We have established a corporate ethics consultation desk and various other consultation desks to provide in-depth support in the name of preventing and providing swift response to scandals, and ensuring that they do not recur. We have also established individual consultation desks at group companies, including those overseas.

Has included the number of reports received at the harassment helpline since FY2013.