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Torsen for small truck

Rolling Out Safety/Comfort-Enhancing Technologies to New Fields

Leveraging its experience accumulated in the sports car and SUV fields, JTEKT developed a technology to improve comfort and steering performance for small trucks driving on rough roads.

Received the Innovative Technique Award from Hino Motors, Ltd. in recognition of its ability to improve driving in rough road conditions.
Went into mass production in July 2017.

Preventing bogging in muddy conditions

The small trucks that work in Indonesia’s palm fields must carry large loads of coconuts on unpaved roads. Often these trucks slip in the muddy ruts in the road and become bogged. As a prevention measure to this, Hino Motors, Ltd. established a plan to equip JTEKT’s TORSEN product as a genuine factory-installed optional part and engaged in a joint development project with JTEKT. TORSEN is a form of LSD (Limited Slip Differential), a product which transmits power from a driving wheel that has slipped to the other driving wheel. Its features are its superior durability, performance and maintenance.

Development of a new product useful in tough operating environments

JTEKT’s TORSEN is adopted on many vehicle types both in Japan and overseas, with a particular focus on sports cars and SUVs. However, this is the first time it has been used on trucks. This move has proven that TORSEN provides the performance to meet customers’ needs, such as sufficient strength to support payload, the ability to drive on rough roads and reliability over long distances and long periods. “We ventured into unknown territory with this development, but through the cooperation of the Design, Testing, Production Engineering and other divisions under the guidance of JTEKT WAY, we succeeded in launching it as a product.” In 2017, a monitoring evaluation was carried out in Indonesia and there were absolutely no cases of vehicles becoming bogged, which earned TORSEN a strong reputation amongst owners. “I saw that JTEKT could contribute to society in a new arena when we successfully applied the technology we’d accumulated to date on trucks and this made me very happy.”

*TORSEN is a registered trademark of JTEKT Corporation.

Monitoring evaluation in Indonesia.
The ability for a vehicle to get loose after becoming bogged was significantly improved.

*This photo of vehicle structure was taken from Hino Motors website.