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June 28, 2010

Development of High Performance, Sealed-type Bearing “JHS210” for Sendzimir Mill(*1)Back-up Rolls
Second in series of JTEKT Hyper-Strong (JHS) bearings for steelmaking equipment

JTEKT Corporation has been pursuing the creation of “JTEKT Hyper-Strong (JHS) series of the bearings” featuring the long life and the superior durability for use in the steel mill equipment, and as a second product in this series, it has developed the high performance, sealed-type bearing “JHS210” for the back-up rolls of Sendzimir mill

In recent years, the demand of the electrical steel sheets(*2)used for the hybrid electric vehicles, the wind turbine generators and the transformers has increased.
 As the back-up rolls of Sendzimir mill that produces the electrical steel sheets are operated under the heavy load and the high temperature conditions, the high durability is required to the bearings.
 The developed bearing has increased the durability by optimizing the bearing configuration including the sealing structure.
 In addition, JTEKT provides this new product in both standard and premium specifications to best suit the customer’s machine operating environment (usage conditions).
 JTEKT plans to continue developing the bearings for this series, including the bearings for each application of the steelmaking equipment.

*1 Sendzimir mill
Rolling mill invented by Mr. Sendzimir in the 1930s that has small diameter work rolls enabled by multi-roll structure. Sendzimir mill can roll hard materials with high pressure rolling and also can roll ultra thin steel plates.

*2 Electrical steel sheet
This is a steel sheet where magnetic loss is reduced through controlling crystal orientation alignment and magnetic domain width by adding silicon.

Features of developed product

1) Product lineup suitable for various machine operating
   environments(heavy loads, high temperatures) 

① Standard
Longer bearing life and better sealing performance achieved.
(Inner ring material : Bearing steel,Oil seal material : Nitrile rubber)

【Bearing life】 : Twice that of the conventional product

② Premium
Improved durability at the high temperature through usage of the fluoro rubber for the oil seal, and improved inner ring durability and sealing performance in poor lubrication through usage of the case-hardened steel(*3)newly developed for the first product in JHS bearing series – “ Long-life, highly corrosion-resistant bearing for rolling mill roll necks. ”
( Inner ring material : Newly developed case-hardened steel ,Oil seal material : Fluoro rubber )

【Bearing life】: Four times that of the conventional product

*3  Rolling fatigue life, toughness, and corrosive resistance were significantly improved in comparison with the conventional case-hardened steel by optimizing the contents of the metal components of the steel.
2) Sales target

  1.2 billion yen (2012)
3) Planned customers

  Steel mill operators and builders in Japan and overseas

Appearance of developed

Appearance of developed