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June 28, 2010

Development of miniature one-way clutch for high class fishing reel with better handleability

JTEKT has developed a miniature one-way clutch with on-off function that reduces free-wheel drag torque by 50% in comparison with the conventional product.
This one-way clutch is used in a high class fishing reel and prevents its reverse rotation.
Production volume in the first year will be 10,000 pieces per month.
JTEKT will expand sales to fishing reel manufactures.
Miniature one-way clutches are used to prevent reverse rotation when rewinding fishing reels.
A spring is used in this one-way clutch to have smooth lock motion by pushing the roller to the drawn cup when the shaft rotation direction changes from free to lock.(Figure - ①)


Features of developed product

  • ① Improvement of the reel handleability has been realized through optimizing the inner spring
    In conventional products, metal plate or resign (a part of resin cage) was used as the spring material.
    However, there was a problem that as too strong or unstable spring force made free-wheel drag torque unstable, it caused adverse effects on the reel handleability.
    The developed product has stable spring force through adopting coil spring and optimizing internal geometries and dimensions and has achieved the reduction of free-wheel drag torque by 50% in comparison with the conventional product.
    The developed product can provide better operational feeling when rewinding the reel.

  • ② The integration of the on-off device with the cage made clutch mounting on the reel easier and enhanced reel handleability.
    In the general type of one-way clutch, the on-off device is separated from the cage. In the developed product , by integrating the on-off device with the cage, the clutch can be mounted on the reel more easily and the reel handleability has been improved.
Features of developed