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June 21, 2011

Groundbreaking of the JTEKT Iga Proving Ground

Nagoya, Japan, June 21, 2011 – JTEKT CORPORATION (JTEKT; Headquarters; Nagoya, Japan; President: Shoji Ikawa) is pleased to announce the groundbreaking of a proving ground for developing and testing our steering systems, driveline components and bearing products.

We have been testing our products’ suitability for actual vehicles at the Research and Development Centers in Nara and other facilities so far. To correspond to the sophisticated electronic control technology of cars and improve the credibility of safety and quality, we made a decision to establish a new comprehensive proving ground.

Moreover, we are seeking opportunities to establish proving grounds in emerging countries like China, where automobile markets have been drastically expanding.

1. Purpose for establishment


By utilizing the new proving ground with various evaluation courses, we will strengthen our improvement of the credibility and product development of steering systems, driveline components and bearings. Details are as follows.

  • (1) Strengthen Innovative Product Development
    By testing our products installed in actual vehicles on the proving ground, we will strengthen the innovative product development, especially the perspective of vehicle performance, and respond to our customers’ expectation as an innovative supplier.
  • (2) Realize More Efficient Product Development
    To respond to customers’ needs swiftly, we will promote more efficient product development and shorten development term by speeding up and sophisticating our developing and proving activities and by improving the credibility.

2. Outline of the Proving Ground

(1) Name
JTEKT Iga Proving Ground
(2) Location
Marubashira, Iga City, Mie pref., Japan
(3) Areas
Total Area:       About 500,000㎡
Test Course Area:  160,000㎡
(4) Courses
① Straight Course for High Speed Driving (Total Length: 1 km)
② Winding Course for Handling of Steering (Total Length: 1.2 km)
③ Dynamics Pad(Maximum radius: 75 m, Circumference length: 700 m)
④ Simulation Testing Courses (Various Types of Roadways)
(5) Total Investment
About 3 billion yen (¥3,000,000,000)
(6) Schedule
Groundbreaking:  June, 2011
Completion:     September, 2012 (planned)
<Image of the JTEKT Iga Proving Ground>

Image of the JTEKT Iga Proving Ground
<"Jichinsai", a Shinto ceremony to purify the building site and offer prayers>

■ About the JTEKT Group

The JTEKT Group is a global leading supplier, offering steering systems, driveline components, bearing, Machine Tools and Mechatronics, and capitalizing on the JTEKT Group synergy for pursuing enhancement of product development.

We have nearly 30 % shares of the global market in the steering products of automobile field, and ranked first in this field. Especially, we were the first in the world to develop and mass-produce motor-assisted Electric Power Steering in 1988, which has been spreading rapidly across the automobile industry. Our Electric Power Steering has about 40 % shares globally, and its growth is prominent. In the bearing and driveline components business, we acquired the business of needle bearing of the Timken Company in January 2010 and established a leading position in the automotive bearings industry. As for driveline components business, driving differential of TORSEN (Torque Sensing Full Time 4WD) and Electronically Controlled 4WD Couplings (ITCC: Intelligent Torque Controlled Couplings) holds an overwhelming world shares.