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July 2, 2011

Development of Hub unit with Side Face Spline

JTEKT Corporation has developed and started the series production of a hub unit with a side face spline that is lighter and easier to assemble.

Currently, in most vehicles, the bore spline type hub unit is used as the power transmission method to the tires, strict dimension control of the spline part together with the hub unit / constant velocity joint (below:CVJ)is necessary in order to prevent rattle and noise because of spline part wear. Furthermore, during vehicle assembly, when assembling the hub unit and CVJ, the press fitting process became necessary in order to assemble with the large sized press fitting machine.
 Now, regarding the adopted side face spline, because the clinching process (giving preload) and the forming of the spline take place at the same time, the previous bore spline process disappears、and the strict dimensional control that goes together with that becomes unnecessary. Furthermore, the driveshaft press fitting process becomes unnecessary, and the assembly ease at the customer is improved. Compared to the previous situation, a combined weight reduction of about 230g was realized, with the hub unit / CVJ / bolt.


Product advantages

① Weight reduction of Hub unit + CVJ + bolt
・Weight reduction of about 230 g (compared to the current JTEKT product)
② Improved assembly and exchange operation
・driveshaft press fitting process is not necessary
(previously press fitting and assembly of the driveshaft was done with a large sized
 press fitting machine)
Product advantages

Sales Target

  • Sales target for 2011 : 320 million yen

Product Photo (cross section)

Product Photo (cross section)