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August 27, 2013

Sponsoring the Tokai University Solar Car Team with Axle Support Bearings

The JTEKT Corporation will be sponsoring the Tokai University solar car team, "Tokai Challenger"(*1), in its goal to achieve a third consecutive championship in the 2013 World Solar Challenge(*2) held in Australia this October. This year as well, JTEKT will support the team by providing axle support bearings.

The bearings JTEKT will provide are separated into drive wheel bearings (for supporting in-wheel type motors) and driven wheel bearings (to support non-driving car wheels). We pursue "lightness" (lessening heaviness and resistance) with the adoption of ceramic within drive wheel bearing balls and inner races. This reduces energy (power) loss, and allows efficient energy transmission to the drive wheel. Furthermore, we have reviewed the material and shape of the cage, and are working to improve its strength and raise its durability.
 JTEKT has a solar car team that joins in the race, who themselves manufacture and equip the optimum bearings for solar car axles. This team is made up of the persons responsible for inner-company design and testing of bearings. Through solar cars, JTEKT shares a bond with the Tokai University solar car team, and we have been providing bearings to them for the World Solar Challenge since their first championship in 2009.
 With our JTEKT techniques familiar with bearings and solar cars, we support a third consecutive win by Tokai University in the tough 3000 kilometer race.

*1 Tokai University solar car team, "Tokai Challenger"
    A team which, after 13 years, took back the championship for
    Japanin 2009 at the World Solar Challenge. The team currently
    holds two consecutive victories, in 2009 and 2011.
    The team also holds three consecutive victories in 2008, 2010,
    and 2012 from the Sasol Solar Challenge South Africa, held in
    the Republic of South Africa.

 *2 World Solar Challenge
    The world's largest solar car race, traversing 3000 kilometers
    from Darwin on Australia's northern coast to Adelaide on the
    southern coast, using only solar-generated energy.