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December 16, 2014

The announcement on the development of highly
efficient bearings for automatic transmissions:
Development of needle roller bearing for
high speed rotation planetary gears

JTEKT has developed a needle roller bearing for high speed rotation planetary gears which offers improved efficiency to automatic transmissions. Our company will propose this bearing to automobile and transmission manufacturers as a product which contributes to reduction in fuel consumption and higher efficiency in automobiles. We will continue contributing to the improvement of fuel consumption in automobiles through the development of various types of bearings with even higher efficiency and environmental friendliness for transmissions.


1.Product Overview


This bearing contributes to higher speed and downsizing of planetary gears used in automatic transmissions that have more speed steps (5-15% improvement in speed, approximately 10% smaller bearing width)

2.Product Details


Centrifugal force due to cage revolution works on the cages of needle roller and cage assemblies used in planetary gears. There are three types of cage depending on the magnitude of load, which are resin cage, standard and high speed types of cage.
 A cage for this bearing has been manufactured by molding, using JTEKT’s own plastic working technology, so that the cage section profile is optimized.
 That technology has enabled the development of higher speed type needle roller and cage assemblies suppressing weight increase to the utmost minimum and securing the strength of cage ribs and bases of cage bars where large stress is generated.

Product Details

3.Product Photo


Product Photo

4.Sales Plan


[Sales target]    200,000 pieces/month
 [Sales destination] Domestic and overseas automobile and transmission

5.Manufacturing Plant