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December 16, 2014

Development of long-life/high speed
JHS Series spherical roller bearings

JTEKT has developed a new JHS Series spherical roller bearing for steelmaking equipment and industrial machinery such as construction and agricultural machines. The improved productivity of industrial machinery has led to increasingly harsher application conditions for bearings. To respond to these requirements, our company has developed a spherical roller bearing with long life and excellent speed which will be introduced into the market.


1.Product Overview


JTEKT has attained bearing longevity by increasing load rating and improving bearing material cleanliness through optimal internal design (maximum design), in order to better respond to the tough application conditions of spherical roller bearings. We have suppressed bearing temperature rise through optimal internal design (stable position technology of rollers), achieving a bearing with excellent high speed rotation and outstanding axial load (load in the direction of the axis) performance. Compared with the conventional product, the newly developed product has maximum four times longer service life, maximum 25% higher speed, and maximum 20% greater axial load performance. The product also includes a standard specification of dimension stabilizing treatment resistant to temperatures up to 200° C, enabling use under a wide range of environments.

2.Additional Information


About spherical roller bearings
 Spherical roller bearings have a spherical raceway and rollers which give the
 bearing a self-aligning property and enable increased load rating. These
 bearings are therefore used in areas where, for structural reasons, shaft
 center adjustment is difficult, housing rigidity is difficult to secure, there is
 a high level of shaft deflection or where there is heavy load or impact load.

About the JHS (JTEKT Hyper-Strong) Series
 This series consists of new generation bearings which, through the addition of
 high level design and machining technology to newly developed materials
 designed for ultimate performance, have improved roller fatigue life, excellent
 toughness, corrosion resistance, load resistance, wear resistance, and high
 speed. JHS accelerates innovation, improvement and rationalization at any
 monozukuri site.
              *JHS is a registered trademark of JTEKT Corporation.

3.Product Photo


Product Photo

4.Sales Plan


[Sales target]    2 billion yen/year
 [Sales destination] Manufacturers of steelmaking, construction and agricultural
           machinery, etc.