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September 28, 2015

Production base in Mexico now in full operation

JTEKT Corporation has begun production of column units and rack units for electric power steering (EPS) systems at JTEKT AUTOMOTIVE MEXICO, S.A. DE C.V. (JAMX), the first JTEKT production base in Mexico.

Amidst the advancement and production expansion of foreign automakers into Mexico and within the Mexican market, JTEKT has established JAMX in order to accurately assess the needs of local Mexican automotive companies and provide them with suitable products.

JAMX is positioned as a new strategic supply base for the Americas, including Mexico, through which we JTEKT will utilize our knowledge about the engineering and production of electric power steering which we have cultivated both in Japan and throughout the world. JAMX will be a competitive production base within the Mexican market through which we will promote the supply of EPS.

JTEKT will continue as the No.1 & Only One supplier of EPS to further raise product engineering capability and strengthen our global production competence.

[ Overview of JAMX ]
1.Company Name
: San Luis Potosí, Mexico
: February 2014
4.Start of mass production
: September 2015
5.Investment amount
: Approx. 9.1 billion yen
6.No. of employees
: Approx. 300 (2016)
7.Production capability
: Approx. 900,000units / year
8.Site area
: Approx. 204,000 m²
9.Building area
: Approx. 19,000 m²
10.Details of operations
: Manufacturing and sales of electric power steering