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April 11, 2016

Creation of tagline for Koyo bearing brand

The JTEKT Corporation (hereafter referred to as “JTEKT”) has created a Koyo brand tagline*. With this tagline, we hope to strengthen the marketing power of our Koyo bearing brand and to promote awareness of Koyo brand worldwide.
 The tagline will be used in advertisements, as well as promotional bulletins and display media for exhibitions and other events related to our bearing business.

*”Koyo” is a JTEKT’s Bearing brand. JTEKT was founded by consolidating Koyo Seiko with Toyoda Machinery at 2006.



Key of your operation

2.Origin of the tagline


The tagline phrase expresses how the JTEKT bearing business has evolved together with customers since the days of Koyo Seiko, continuing to provide customers with products matched directly to their needs.
 The term “operation” denotes machine operation within factories, as well as the operation of a business. Thus, the new tagline conveys our desire to be the essential partner to customers, with contributing to their manufacturing and business operations for many years to come.
 Additionally, the initial letters of each word in the phrase “Key of your operation” spell “Koyo.”

3.Logo image

Logo image