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April 28, 2017

(Summary) Announcement of the Commencement of the TOB for the Shares of Fuji Kiko

JTEKT Corporation (“JTEKT”) has concluded agreements with TACHI-S CO., LTD (“Tachi-S”) and Fuji Kiko Co., Ltd (“Fuji Kiko”) to acquire all of Fuji Kiko’s shares through TOB (“Transaction #1”), and Tachi-S will acquire the seat business of Fuji Kiko (“Transaction #2”).

【Purpose of the Transactions】
● While JTEKT has pursued “No. 1 and Only One” position as the Group Vision,
  upgrading overall competitiveness of the Group has necessitated actions
  intended for more unified group management, featuring more robust and lean
● By making Fuji Kiko its wholly owned subsidiary, JTEKT intends to integrate
  the multi-tiered column businesses, strengthen the ability to offer
  brand-new systems as a part of JTEKT’s steering business, and thereby
  solidifying our No.1 position in the global steering system market.
● JTEKT’s expectations from this deal, if finalized, are that the Group as
  a whole, with Fuji Kiko incorporated, would have better profit structure
  and business competitiveness.
  A) Strengthened system capability (integrated development and production of
    steering systems)
  B) Better efficiency in development and resources management, focusing on
    highly advanced technology
  C) Marketing collaboration and customer base expansion

【Transaction #1】 
 ※ Provided that certain legal and procedural requirements including Japanese
   and foreign jurisdictional competition laws are met, JTEKT is planning
   to commence TOB with the purpose of acquiring all of Fuji Kiko’s shares.




Please refer to the timely disclosure dated April 28th 2017, or visit JTEKT’s website (Japanese only).