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July 3, 2017

(EXSEV bearing series*1)
Development of New Clean Pro Bearing

JTEKT Corporation (hereinafter JTEKT) has developed a “New Clean Pro Bearing” by significantly improving the performance of Clean Pro Bearing for clean environments of the EXSEV bearing series for special environments. The developed product reduced the particle emission amount by 50% and extended bearing life 10 times compared with the conventional products. This bearing contributes to the improvements in the yield rate and quality of products such as semiconductors and flat panel displays (FPDs), and helps reduce the running cost and increase the operation rate of devices equipped with this bearing.

Photo of the developed product

<Photo of the developed product>

1.Background for development


The manufacturing of semiconductors and FPDs requires extremely high cleanliness. Therefore, the manufacturing equipment is required to minimize the entry of foreign matters due to the particle emission and effects of gas emission, and the same applies to bearings, one of the components of such equipment.
 Since general-use bearings cause particle emission due to friction during rotation and spatters of lubricant, and gas emission due to the evaporation of lubricant, JTEKT developed and commercialized the “Clean Pro Bearing*1” in 1998. This bearing has extremely low particle emission and gas emission characteristics and has contributed to the production of advanced devices including semiconductors.
 Moreover, in response to a growing demand for even higher productivity along with the evolution of advanced devices, we have proceeded with the development of bearings with higher cleanliness and longer life which extends the replacement cycle.

*1 EXSEV are registered trademarks of JTEKT Corporation.

2.Features of developed product


To reduce the particle emission and gas emission during bearing rotation, lubrication performance and wear resistance need to be improved with no use of oil or grease. JTEKT respond it by fluoropolymer coating on the bearing (Clean Pro Bearing).

We have improved this fluoropolymer coating to a highly lubricating and resistant one for the developed product and significantly improved the performance as follows in comparison with the conventional product:

(1) Reduced dust generation during rotation by 50%

(2) Increased the dust generation life*2 10 times or longer (at room temperature)

(3) The amount of emitted gas is equal or less

(The results of comparison are based on internal investigation.)

Thus we aim to expand the sales of this product focusing on customers in the semiconductor, FPD and functional film manufacturing fields that require bearings with lower particle emission and gas emission as well as longer life.

*2 Time for the particle emission amount to exceed Class 10 (ISO Class 4)

Features of developed product

Features of developed product

3.Sales plan

[Start of volume production]July, 2017
[Sales target]400 million yen/year (Year 2020)
[Sales destination]Semiconductor manufacturers, FPD manufacturers, etc.

4.Production plant


Tokushima Plant, DAIBEA CO., LTD. (JTEKT group company)

JTEKT, under the tag-line “Key of your operation” of the bearing business brand “Koyo”, contributes to various industries including advanced devices such as semiconductors and FPDs as a partner who solves problems together with and provides happiness to customers.