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November 07, 2017

JTEKT to start producing new steering system for Utility Task Vehicles

JTEKT Corporation announces that it started to produce new steering systems, Intermediate-EPS (I-EPS) for Utility Task Vehicles.
 Utility Task Vehicles (UTVs) are primarily used in North America to carry baggage and drive on private land and their farm. Previously, UTVs ran at speeds of up to 30km/h with Hydraulic Power Steering (HPS). Now, customers would like UTVs to run at higher speeds up to 60km/h. Accordingly JTEKT decided to install Electric Power Steering (EPS) instead of HPS in UTVs. EPS can control steering torque in relation to respond to driving speed. For the first time, JTEKT’s EPS systems have been implemented on Kubota RTV-XG850, a new UTV.
 As specifications are so different between UTVs and passenger vehicles, Kubota and JTEKT have jointly developed EPS systems at IGA proving ground and other R&D facilities.
 JTEKT continues to propose its EPS for agricultural or other industrial vehicles, whose customers will need further precise assist control and autonomous driving in the future.

Mount the assist unit on the intermediate shaft
Modify the Pinion-EPS reduction structure
Use motor suitable for UTV
Merits Comfort at low speed driving
Stability at high speed driving
Plant JTEKT Corporation Nara plant
Quantity 8,000units/year

KUBOTA RTV-XG850 / Product / Equipped image