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November 14, 2017

Completion of development of angular ball bearing for vertical type sprinkler pumps
- Contribution to enhanced reliability of pumps by improving lubricant pump-up performance -

JTEKT Corporation (hereinafter JTEKT) has developed an “angular ball bearing” used for vertical type sprinkler pumps in large-scale farms where the center pivot system is employed.
 This developed product improves the lubricant pump-up performance and maintains the good lubricating condition in the bearing in order to prevent early-stage damage, contributing to the advanced reliability of the pumps.

Product appearance

[Product appearance]

1.Background of development


In large-scale farms where the center pivot system is employed, pumps are used to pump up groundwater for sprinkling.
 The bearings used in the driving part are arranged in multiple rows along with the vertical axis, and only the bearings placed at the lower part are immersed in lubricant (See the figure below). The lubricant does not reach the bearings at the upper part, which caused some cases of damage on the upper bearing due to the lack of lubrication.
 We reviewed the shape of the cage, and have developed a bearing which maintains the good lubricating condition by pumping up lubricant promptly also to the upper bearings.



(1) Cage shape for maximizing the lubricant pump-up performance
(Securing the optimal angle of cage inclination and lubricant outlet space)

(2) Cage pocket shape that facilitates lubricant flow
(Setting the optimum clearance between the ball and cage)

(3) Applicable to usage in oil bath lubrication along with vertical axis

Conventional product

Developed product

Pump structure diagram



(1) Improved lubrication condition by enhanced lubricant pump-up performance

(2) Enhanced reliability of pumps by improvement in lubrication condition

4.Sales plan

[Start of volume production] October, 2017
[Sales target]400 million yen/year
[Sales destination]Sprinkler pump manufacturers in Japan and overseas.

5.Production plant


Kameyama Plant

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