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November 27, 2017

New Power Assist Suits from JTEKT
Develop new business products, in order to create safe workplaces and support activities of diverse human resources.

JTEKT announced that it started to produce power assist suits.
 In April 2017, JTEKT established new department, New Business Promotion Dept. They are trying to develop Power Assist Suits, and aiming to sell it in 2018, first of all in Japan.

Consideration on environment changing and aim of new business There are many environment changing

-Social tasks; declining birthrate and aging, energy problem, environmental destruction.

-Disruptive innovation; Artificial intelligence, Autonomous driving, 3D printer.

-Technology development; Open innovation, Lean start up

In order to respond to these changes to the environment, JTEKT started to establish a new sustainable business field and develop new technology. New technology is derived from existing business technologies and JTEKT try to make synergy between new technology and existing products.

Aim of developing Power Assist Suits

Responding to social issues such as a declining birthrate, aging labor force, increased labor accidents, etc., utilizing our company's strengths, assistive technologies, tribological (friction engineering) technology, and manufacturing strengths, Promote product development aiming for light labor and labor saving.
 As the first step, we developed a power assist suit to alleviate the workload of workers on site, create a safe workplace and support the success of diverse human resources.

Product concept

Product concept

Product concept