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November 27, 2017

JTEKT to start producing Lithium ion Capacitor
Develop original high heat resistant Lithium ion Capacitor,
utilizing proprietary technologies of JTEKT

JTEKT announced that it started to produce lithium ion capacitor. In September 2017, JTEKT established new department, BR Electrical Power Storage Device Business department.

Consideration on environment changing and aim of new business There are many environment changing

-Social tasks; declining birthrate and aging, energy problem, environmental destruction.

-Disruptive innovation; Article intelligence, Autonomous drive, 3D printer.

-Technology development; Open innovation, Lean start up

In order to respond to these changes to the environment JTEKT started to establish a new sustainable business field and develop new technology. New technology is derived from existing business technologies and JTEKT try to make synergy between new technology and existing products.

Aim of developing Lithium ion Capacitor

Due to the responsibility for fuel efficiency and autonomous driving, electric power steering system, which contributes to energy conservation and autonomous drive, is required to expand its scope of application. However, with 12V voltage, it is difficult to install EPS for large vehicles, such as SUV. JTEKT produced new voltage supply system. By adding a capacitor with a charge - discharge controller to the EPS, 6 V voltage from the capacitor is added to 12 V of the vehicle power supply, so it realize 18 V power supply. This system is contributing to expansion of EPS application scope.

Aim of developing Lithium ion Capacitor

Product Feature

Wide range of applicable temperature,
can be used in both high-heat temperature and low-cold temperature

A capacitor is a storage battery that charges and discharges electric power without performing a chemical change. Instead of its capacity is limited, it can release high energy at once, this is a characteristic of Capacitor. However, there is a problem in heat resistance.
 The environmental temperature required for mounting in a vehicle is -40 ° C to 125 ° C in the engine room and -40 ° C to 85 ° C in the passenger compartment.
 In response to this requirement, JTEKT's Lithium ion Capacitor can withstand heat from -40 ° C to 85 ° C by its proprietary technology, conforming to the use requirements in the passenger compartment.
 Furthermore, by limiting the voltage, it can be used in higher heat environment up to 105 ° C.

Product Feature

Future perspective

We expect that our capacitor can be used in various applications such as auxiliary power supply, standby power supply, stabilization of power generator function, power regeneration, and main power supply. And we believe that it can be contributed to customers’ needs.

Product with control board and power board

Product with control board and power board