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December 12, 2018

2nd Generation model the J-PAS Series Scheduled
for Release Next Spring
As the 2nd installment of the JTEKT Power Assist Suit, J-PAS Series,
a medium-output type that is both compact and lightweight is scheduled for release in spring 2019

In April 2017, JTEKT Corporation established the New Business Promotion Department which predicts changes in our surrounding environment, and developed the power assist suit as a new business area fundamental to its sustainable growth. This product was released in Japan in August 2018 and started to sale it. We have recognized a high demand for a compact, lightweight medium-output version through the various usage environments and feedback from a high number of customers. So, we have begun developing a second generation product to meet such a demand.

Product Name


The 2nd installment of the power assist suit will be named J-PAS LUMBUS®.

Product Features


- At 4kg (excluding battery and equipment), this product is around 50% lighter than the first genaration product


- More compact waist

- One of the smallest waist widths in its class

3.Easy to move

- Provides smooth assistance

- Left and right side operate independently, therefore supports a wide-range of work postures

- Able to do different work while still wearing the suit

4.Snug fitting while
being easy to
put on/take off

- Adheres to the “My Vest Concept” of the predecessor product

- Improved snug feel due to being customized to each user and easy to put on/take off

- Vest is easily washable, therefore highly hygienic



This product will be manufactured at the Yuizaki Plant of Koyo Machine Industries Co., Ltd, a JTEKT Group company.
 JTEKT will make this product available for lease, sale through distributors, or direct sale.

Sales Release Timing


Scheduled for sales release in spring 2019

Future Expansion


Primarily assuming applications in the manufacturing and logistics industries, JTEKT will continue offering the first installment product while enhancing its lineup of compact products, and help to alleviate the burden of tasks in an even wider range of industries through constant product improvements.
 The New Business Promotion Department shall continue predicting changes in social trends and environments and formulate new business strategies that will be the foundation of JTEKT Corporation’s and the JTEKT Group’s sustainable growth with the aim of promoting business development and helping to provide solutions for societal issues.

External view of 2nd generation products / Comparison of assist torque between 1st and 2nd products