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November 19, 2019

JTEKT introduced water management solution
“J-WeLL” in India

JTEKT to propose water crises solution through its own technologies
of control, IoE/IoT and water level sensor.

JTEKT launched water management solution business with its own technologies and global network.
 Recently, there are countries increasing that cannot securely control their groundwater. This kind of water crisis became one of the major issues of the world.
 In 1986, Toyoda Machine Works, one of the predecessor companies of JTEKT, developed the water level sensor and since then, the company has been dealing with them. The water level sensors has been helping manage water level of rivers and dams.
 With its water level sensor and IoE/IoT technologies, JTEKT begins to deal water management solution “J-WeLL” as a new business unit. JTEKT is hoping to contribute to solving water crises around the world.


Service name J-WeLL(J-WeLL)
Back ground The groundwater depletion area is expanding around the world, mainly in South Asia, West Asia, and North Africa.
In these areas, many of residents don’t know how to avoid abusing water until dry up the wells within few years. So, they are facing serious problems of water shortage.

1)Detect amount of flowing water into the well.

2)Visualize the status of the well.

3) Calculate the amount of water that can be pumped.

4) Control water pump.

Area and usage Industrial and household use in India
Start of service From July 2019
Drinking water supply system.
Adopted at Banipur village, Haryana state, India.
Sales channel System is designed by JTEKT Japan and manufactured in Japan & India totally.
Distributed by TOYODA MICROMATIC INDIA (TMI), the machine tool sales office in India



The pump is controlled based on the amount of the inflow* of the previous day.
*Inflow = pumped up amount – decrease level of water × π × square well radius


CLEAN WATER AND SANITATION JTEKT promotes business development in India. JTEKT will expand this business to the countries facing underwater crisis.
 JTEKT will contribute to the SDGs Goal 6-4* through this project.

*SDG 6 Target 4
By 2030, substantially increase water-use efficiency across all sectors and ensure sustainable withdrawals and supply of freshwater to address water scarcity and substantially reduce the number of people suffering from water scarcity.