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September 29, 2009

Development of Torque-Responsive Limited Slip Differential
(TORSEN*1) for High-Class Sports Cars

JTEKT Corporation has developed a torque-responsive limited slip differential (TORSEN) for high-class sports cars that has been adopted for use on Toyota Motor Corporation’s Lexus IS-F.

The TORSEN, a differential with slip-limiting function, optimally and instantaneously distributes torque to the vehicle’s left and right tires, which elevates driving performance in such situations as when turning or when starting on a slippery surface. As a result of raising capacity through gear specification optimization and reducing the product’s size and weight, JTEKT was able to satisfy standards for application on the Lexus IS-F.

Features of developed product

Comparison with conventional product (of JTEKT)
・ Weight: 8% reduction
・ Size: 6% reduction

Appearance of developed product

Appearance of developed product
Appearance photos
*1) TORSEN is a registered trademark of JTEKT Corporation