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October 16, 2009

Development of high-speed ball bearing for hybrid transmissions

JTEKT Corporation has developed a ball bearing for hybrid transmissions capable of high-speed rotation.

There is a need in hybrid transmissions to reduce motor size, but it is necessary to compensate for the reduced output resulting from this smaller size by utilizing high-speed rotation. In the case of high-speed rotation, however, centrifugal forces cause significant deformation of conventional ball bearing retainers, resulting in strong contact with the balls and potentially leading to seizure.
 To overcome this problem, JTEKT developed a retainer in which two opposing retainer parts made of inexpensive resin elastically fit together from the two sides of the balls. This suppresses deformation caused by centrifugal forces and enables high-speed rotation.
  High-speed motor rotation is essential in hybrid transmissions, making this new product important. JTEKT will energetically carry out sales activities to promote its application.

Features of developed product


■ High-speed rotation of 50,000 r/min (dmn = 2.25 million) possible




Sales plan


■ Sales target: Annual sales of 300 million yen (2015)
■ Customers: Automakers, transmission makers