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For bearings used for aircraft and helicopter, high reliability, long service life and weight reduction have been required.

Bearing for jet engine shaft


  • The bearing for the shaft of the jet engine is the most important machine part located at the heart of the aircraft.
  • It features not only high reliability but also a mechanism for avoiding breakage, and the production process is strictly controlled.

Bearing for jet engine auxiliary machine


  • The JTEKT's bearing is used at various parts besides the jet engine shaft and gear box.
  • The bearing for auxiliary machines of the jet engine is also provided with high reliability, similarly to the shaft bearing.

Bearing for fuselage of aircraft


  • It is used at any part such as the main wing, aileron, operation system and brake control system.
  • Our bearing is authenticated at 5 Series Model 56 as a reliable bearing for fuselage satisfying the aircraft standard.

Bearing for helicopter transmission


  • Because the blade of the helicopter rotates at high speeds, the transmission supports a large load.
  • We provide bearings compatible with under-race lubrication that enables operation for an extended period of time even after oil supply is stopped.

Bearing for helicopter swash plate


  • Because the main rotor shaft penetrates the inside of the bearing and therefore the diameter is increased, an ultra-thin-wall bearing is adopted at the swash plate section so that the weight is reduced.