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Railroad vehicles

Comfort is needed together with high speeds and safety for the railway car, and a high level of technology is needed for the bearing used in it.
JTEKT provides various products, centering on the axle, driving unit and main motor that support the foundation of the safety and assuredness.

Axle bearing


  • As an axle bearing, grease-sealed and sealed air tight bearing is used.
  • The type adopting the taper roller bearing contributes not only to a compact size and reduced weight but also to improved high-speed traveling stability through reduced axial clearance.

Electric erosion preventive bearing for main motor


  • The bearing used for the main motor of railway cars is susceptible to internal electric current, which may cause failures.
  • Resin, which is an insulating material, and ceramic coating are adopted to realize maintenance-free characteristics over an extended period of time.