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Renewable energy

Reliability of 20 years or a longer design service life and maintenance-free feature are usually necessary for the wind power generation equipment.

Main shaft bearing


  • The Main shaft bearing is an important part that not only supports the load of the wind added to the blade but also transmits the rotary torque to the booster.
  • While the spherical roller bearing superior in the alignment property and load resistance is mainly adopted, the taper roller bearing superior in the axial load performance is often used on the fixed side and the cylindrical roller bearing superior in the axial movement is often used on the free side.

Gearbox bearing


  • The booster boosts the spindle speed to a speed at which power can be generated.
  • Accordingly, high-speed characteristic is needed for the adopted bearing.

Insulated hybrid ceramic bearing for generator


  • Damage called electric corrosion is caused to the bearing used for the generator and the surface of the bearing is locally molten if an electric current flows inside the bearing during rotation.
  • To avoid this, the insulated ceramic bearing using ceramics (silicon nitride), which are superior in the insulation performance, in the ball (rolling element) is adopted.