High Heat-resistant Lithium-ion Capacitor

JTEKT Capacitors
The widest operating temperature range from -40 to 85℃ in the industry

Our High Heat-resistant Lithium-ion Capacitor achieves wide operating temperature range from -40 to 85℃, which exceeds the operating temperature range of conventional capacitors, using our patented technology.

Example of operation at high temperature
(can be used in boiling water)

Stable operation is possible even at 100 ℃ by limiting the operating upper limit voltage.

Example of operation at low temperature
(engine can be started at -40 ℃)

A large current can be supplied even at -40℃

Durability (high-load continuous use is possible)

Improved heat-resistance suppresses deterioration due to self-heating (Joule heat generation) during continuous use with high-load
Improvement of deterioration start temperature

<Test conditions>
2000F 1 cell, maximum current 480 A (540 C), 5 sec/cycle, at 25℃

Internal resistance

Only slight increase of internal resistance despite harsh large-current discharging cycles


Only slight capacitance change despite harsh large-current discharging cycles

Safeness (material composition that is difficult to ignite)

Lithium-ion capacitors are safe energy storage devices that are not prone to thermal runaway and ignition due to activated carbon being used as the material for the positive electrode instead of lithium metal oxide.

Cleared rigorous safety tests based on conforming to Chinese national standards (GB/T31485-2015)

<Nail penetration test>
Nail diameter: Φ5mm, tip angle: 60º, nail piercing speed: 25 ± 5mm / sec

Electrolyte evaporation (smoke) / No ignition / explosion

Reliability (cultivated in the automobile field)

JTEKT has acquired certifications for various standards, and conducts corporate activities in accordance with them.

(International Standard for Environmental management systems— Requirements)
(International Standard for Quality Management Systems)
(International Standard for Automotive Quality Management Systems.)
(International standard for functional safety of electrical and/or electronic systems that are
 installed in serial production road vehicles)