High Heat-resistant Lithium-ion Capacitor

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Lineup of capacitor cells, modules, and power supply system units
It corresponds to a wide range of customer needs

Capacitor Cell
  • ▶500F,1000F(Each two type)


  • ・Achieves operating temperature range from -40 to 85℃

    ・Supports self-heating during large current charging / discharging

    ・Cooling-free system compaction and cost reduction possible

    ・Ensure high safeness
    Cleared United Nations Recommended Transport Test (UN3508) and China National Standard (GB/T31485-2015)

    ・4 types of capacitance(500F, 1000F, 1500F, 2000F)

    ・Can be used up to 100 ° C if voltage is limited

Capacitor Cell Specifications
  Capacitance series
500F 1000F 1500F 2000F
Operating voltage range (V) 2.2 to 3.8
Internal resistance (mΩ) 4.0 2.0 1.4 1.0
Operating temperature range Operating voltage: 2.2 to 3.8V
-40 to 85°C
1) After 1,000h float-charging test (85ºC, 3.8V) Internal resistance increase rate: 50% or less. Capacitance reduction rate: 20% or less.
Operating voltage: 2.2 to 3.6V
-40 to 100°C
2) After 1,000h float-charging test (100ºC, 3.6V) Internal resistance increase rate: 50% or less. Capacitance reduction rate: 20% or less.
Energy capacity (mAh) 222 444 666 888
Ref.) Cell weight (g) 80 160 240 320
Ref.) Cell volume (cm3) 55 97 135 188
Ref.) Cell size X(mm) 63 123
Y(mm) 111
t(mm) 7.0 13.3 9.1 13.3
Modules (for 2000F Cell)
  • ▶Modules (for 2000F Cell)

    ▶4 series(Impact resistant specifications)

  • ・A module with multiple cells combined and a balance circuit added

    ・Obtained JIS E4031 (Rolling Stock Equipment - Vibration And Shock Test standards)

    ・Supports not only standard series number, but also series number (up to 36) specified by customer

    ・Voltage and capacitance can be adjusted by connecting modules

    ・Compact specifications (low cost/lightweight) are also available

    〈List of features〉
    ■Information and communications
    CAN/RS-485 communication used to notify user of individual cell voltage

    ■Cell monitoring
    Enables monitoring of individual cell voltage and temperature (module center/exterior)

    ■Automatic voltage equalization
    Enables cell voltage equalization and inter-module voltage equalization

    ■Error detection
    CAN communication/RS-485 communication:
    Notification of overcharge state, overdischarge state, and cell balance function error

    overcharge state, overdischarge state, cell balance function error “High” output

    Please contact us regarding connector, service plug, and power supply.
2000F Module Specifications
  4 series 8 series 16 series 30 series
Voltage range*1 (V) 8.8〜15.2 17.6〜30.4 35.2〜60.8 66〜114
Synthetic electrostatic capacity (F) 500 250 125 66
Electric energy (Wh) 11 21 43 80
Mass (kg) 5.7 7.6 11.5 18.0
Size*2 D(mm) 173 239 370 602
W(mm) 222
H(mm) 172
*1 The upper limit of the voltage range is displayed at the absolute maximum rating.
*2 Size includes mounting bracket part.
■Modules other than 2000F are also available
power supply system units