Grinders Line up

CNC general purpose cylindrical grinders


  • Thorough design with temperature capacity balance to provide stable high accuracy.
  • Improved straightness and grinding surface grade.
  • Simple and easy operation with an improved CNC function
  • Consideration of safety, reassurance and workability
  GE4Pi (Straight) GE4Ai (Angular)
Swing over table mm φ320
Distance between centers mm 500/1,000/1,500/2,000
Grinding diameter mm φ0~φ300
Wheel OD x ID mm φ405×75 φ455×75
Wheel surface speed m/s 30~45
Wheelhead min. input increment mm φ0.0001
Machine floor space (width × depth) mm 3,600×2,035(Distance between centers is 500 mm without a full cover)