Grinders Line up

Crank line grinders


  • High accuracy
  • High accuracy grinding assuring a high quality grinding surface
  • Improvement of roundness with an exact grinding wheel diameter
  • Increase in Productivity
  • Reduction in cycle time
  • Secure operation
  • Support for Multiple Types of Grinding
  • Variety of grinding methods
  • Achievement of work requires no setup change
    GF50Mi-70T GF50Mi-140T
Swing over table mm φ500
Distance between centers mm 700 1400
Grinding diameter mm φ35~φ85
Max. grinding diameter mm φ220 φ300
Wheel OD mm φ650
Max. wide mm 50
Surface speed m/s 120
Wheelhead min. input increment mm φ0.0001
Machine weight kg 18,500 20,000