Machining Centers Line up

Horizontal spindle machining centers


  • Consistant Production
  • Center trough
  • Spindle with replaceable cap
  • BTS function
  • Highly rigid platform
  • Supporting hydraulic fixtures
  • Minimum Space
  • Minimum installation space in the class, ideal for mass production
  • Easy Operation
  • Easy operation with a simple screen
Item Unit e500H4 e500H5
Table & Pallet Pallet size mm □500
Rotary table indexing angle ° 0.001°:NC
Pallet height(from floor) mm 1,000:No APC
[1,100:With APC]
Max load on pallet kg 500[700]
Table indexing time(90°indexing) sec 2.3
Stroke X×Y×Z-axis mm 730×650×850
Distance between spindle
nose and table center
mm 100~950
Distance between spindle
center and top of pallet
mm 150~800:No APC[50~700:With APC]
Max. workpiece swing ×
Max. workpiece height
mm φ800×900
Feeds Rapid feed rate(X, Y and Z) m/min 60
Cutting feed rate(X, Y and Z) m/min 30
Rapid acceleration(X, Y and Z) m/s2(G) 9.8
Ball screw diamete(r X, Y and Z) mm φ40
Spindle Spindle speed min-1 50~12,000 50~6,000
Spindle dia.( front side bearing I.D.) mm φ80 φ110
Spindle nose shape   BT No.40 BT No.50
Spindle motor, short-time / continuous kW 15.8/13 30/25
[ ]Shows optional specifications.