Upgrade information

MotionTool Ver.2.21Rev.02

Release Date:November.2016

Upgrade Program's

MotionTool Japanese License 1(CD:TJA-6821) Licenses 5(CD:TJA-6825)
MotionTool English License 1(CD:TJA-6882) Licenses 5(CD:TJA-6883)

Upgrade information

Feature Improvements:
1. MotionTool now supports MC1K compatible mode of MCML / Plus MCML.
1-1. In normal mode and MC1K compatible mode, display of input / output signal (relay / register) is switched.
1-2.Parameters added in MC1K compatible mode can be displayed / edited.
2. Change icon for executing shortcut (It will be the same as the program start icon)

About MC1K compatible mode:
By parameter setting, MC1K sequence circuit will be able to control. (Address translation is necessary.)
This function has been added since MCML / PlusMCML V 2.13 (factory shipped in July 2016).
MotionTool for control panel supports MC1K compatible mode from V2.20 R1 (factory shipped in January 2016).
For detailed contents of MC1K compatible mode, refer to the latest MCML instruction manual from the website.

*A unnecessary message is displayed after version upgrade with Ver 2.21 R1.
Please use Ver2.21R2.


Windows OS support status(November 17,2016 current)
>Windows 2000 Professional
>Windows XP 32bit Professional
>Windows Vista 32bit Business
>Windows 7 32/64bit Professional