Upgrade information

MotionTool Ver.2.30Rev.01

Release Date:June.2017

Upgrade Program's

MotionTool Japanese License 1(CD:TJA-6821) Licenses 5(CD:TJA-6825)
MotionTool English License 1(CD:TJA-6882) Licenses 5(CD:TJA-6883)

Upgrade information

Feature Improvements:
1. It corresponds to R2 servo system.
2. Added "Please turn off controller and amplifier power supply" as a completion message at encoder reset.

About MCML / Plus MCML version
>It supports R2 servo system from V 2.21 or later (factory shipment in 2017 May).


Windows OS support status(June 20,2017 current)
>Windows 2000 Professional
>Windows XP 32bit Professional
>Windows Vista 32bit Business
>Windows 7 32/64bit Professional