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ITwin, ITwin5 Support tool for MA1K

ITwin, ITwin5 is a support tool for the multi-axis motion controller MA1K.
1.Applicable to various robot controllers.
  • The ITwin, ITwin5 is applicable to TOYODA MACHINE WORKS' robot controllers TC32, TC3, and TC4.
  • The ITwin, ITwin5 is also applicable to the multi-axis controller MA1.

2.Easy data management.
  • Use of ITwin, ITwin5 makes it possible to make the complicated data management of multiple robot controllers easy.
3.ITwin, ITwin5 runs on a general personal computer.
  • The ITwin, ITwin5 runs on any personal computer, on which Windows is running.
  • ITwin :Windows3.1/95/98

4.Easy installation.
  • Use of special installer allows anyone to install the ITwin, ITwin5.

5.Easy operation.
  • Anyone who is familiar with the operation of Windows can operate the ITwin, ITwin5.
  • The ITwin, ITwin5 uses the same menu structure as that used in MOwin and Hellowin.
  • Use of online help makes it possible to easily understand a desired operation without opening of heavy manuals.

6.Various functions provided
  • Various functions are provided, such as data backup, creation and editing of robot programs, editing of point data, displaying of current position, displaying of fault contents, and displaying of I/O monitor.