The latest version list

Version Upgrade information Release Date
Ver.17.8R01 Contents
It is the same version as Japanese version PCwin Ver.17.8R01.

Function improvement:

1. Fixed the file open time and ladder conversion time to be shortened.
2. PC3JX has been supported.
3. Plus BUS-EX has been supported.
4. EtherCAT link parameters has been supported.
5. I/O328G parameters has been supported.
6. Added printing function to the block comparison function
7. EF10 has been supported.
8. EtherNet / IP now supports general-purpose TCP.
(There are restrictions on the version, and the port at PLC.)

Note) It is PCwin only installer, PCwin 2 is not included.
V17.7R1 V1.5R04 Function improvement:
· Fixed the file open time and ladder conversion time to be shortened.
V17.7R1 V1.5R03 Function improvement:

· The output modules O - 2A and O - 2 B can be selected according to the setting of the I / O module.
V17.7R1 V1.5R02 Function improvement:
・In the register · I / O address monitor screen, information on the selected CPU is displayed next time that register · I / O monitor screen is activated.
・OPC-UA can be selected from link parameters.
・By writing in RUN, the write confirmation screen is displayed before program check.

Corrections of the following bugs:
・in which "untagged" error is displayed when executing program conversion with single precision instruction function on circuit, has been corrected.
V17.7R1 V1.4R02 PCwin :V17.7R01
V17.4R1 V1.3R1 PCwin :V17.4R1
V17.3R3 V1.2R11 PCwin PCwin2(JPN/ENG)V17.3R03 V1.2R11 17.4.3
V17.3R3 V1.2R10 PCwin PCwin2(JPN/ENG)V17.3R03 V1.2R10 17.3.17
V17.3R3 V1.2R9 Corrections of the following bugs:
■Target CPU operation mode: Nano mode
・The phenomenon, files in drive C may be lost when edited data is saved, has been corrected.
Conditions : When Function Block is used and conversion error occurs in CPU 2 or CPU 3.
V17.3R3 V1.2R8 PCwin/PCwin2:V17.3R03/V1.2R08 17.2.2
V17.3R3 V1.2R5 PCwin/PCwin2:V17.3R03/V1.2R05 16.12.12
V17.3R3 V1.2R4 Contents
Function improvements:

・CPU mode of event monitor is also changed to compatible mode when PCwin data is converted.
・We added Packet alive Time (UDP multicast) setting to EtherNet / IP link parameter.
・The write time of the circuit was shortened.

Corrections of the following bugs:
・Fixed a phenomenon in which project view was not displayed correctly when trying to open PCwin2 data without terminating PCwin2 after incorrectly opening PCwin data on PCwin2.

・Fixed a phenomenon in which only window title may be displayed in ladder view display when opening data with PCwin2.

・Fixed a phenomenon that the cursor on the ladder view moves to the beginning of the circuit after writing the circuit.

・Fixed a phenomenon that the function serial number may be duplicated when PCwin data with FB is converted.

・Fixed a phenomenon that MAJOR ERROR (Error code “23”) occurred when writing project data created with PCwin2 version older than V1.2R03 to CPU at V1.2R03.

・Fixed the phenomenon that PCwin2 freezes when saving circuit using FB free library in Nano mode.
V17.3R3 V1.2R3 V17.3R03_V1.2R03 16.10.17
V17.3R02_V1.2R01 V17.3R02/V1.2R01 16.9.6