The latest version list

Version Upgrade information Release Date
Ver. 2.20 Rev.00 Addition of the function for Link parameter.
Ethernet [Detail setting]
Ver. 2.10 It adds check processing by the SFC data. 00.6.1
Ver. 2.00 The time chart monitor feature addition (The PC3 data). 99.10.1
Ver. 1.90 It made the setting when doing a remote programming thatit was possible to register to 10
It added "FL-net" "NC having-within PC" to the setting of a link parameter.
Ver. 1.80 The defect correction of the CAD change part 99.2.1
Ver. 1.70 The addition of the cycle line figure display/the monitor feature
It made an application direction 5 columns by the change feature of Hellowin -> UniDraf.
Ver. 1.60 It made to be separately written able by the program and the parameter.
The addition of the coil jump function at the time of the monitor
Ver. 1.50 The time chart monitor feature addition(The PC2 data).
The hierarchy feature addition by the Ethernet module.
It adds the check feature of the program (The PC3 data).
PC3JNF compatible of the PC error monitor.
Ver. 1.20 It adds equipment repartition to the comment data.
It adds the check feature of the program (The PC2 data).
Ver. 1.00 New 98.4.1
Ver. 1.10 It made function key guidance a symbol display.
It made the display position of the dialog for the circuit editing variable.