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PCwin The upgrading record

Version The change contents Update
  1. The deletion command of the I/O drawing data in CPU was added.
Bug Fix: 1.I/O drawing Editor
  1. I/O drawing Editor
    (1)The memory is remarkably occasionally consumed by a specific operation.
    (2)Figure cannot occasionally be smoothly moved.
    (3)When work to make new I/O drawing is canceled, PCwin is downed.
  2. Global jump of [FB inside monitor], neither [Search] nor [Jump] operates correctly when jump destinations are other program's FB inside.
  3. Label search is not correctly occasionally searched.
  4. [Drawing Style Print]-[SFC Seat]:[Starting page No.] is 0 and push the [OK] button, the alert message is continuously displayed.
  5. English of the [Link Parameter Setting]:[DLNK-M2]-[Slave]-[Transferred bytes setup] is not correct.(English only)
  6. The project name of the PCwin title bar might not be displayed.
  7. In PC2/L2(initial version), when the circuit is monitored, "Undefined command" error is detected.
  8. After making Step-ST9999 by SFC editor, Next ST-No. becomes 10000 if the SFC property is opened, and becomes an error.
  9. [The SFC program deletion confirmation] Dialog is displayed before the state of CPU is confirmed when Writing during RUN.
  10. When Action Program, Transition Program and Coil are added from the SFC editor to the ladder circuit, it might not be inserted in a correct position.
Bug Fix
  1. When comment data is done in import, the comment on SFC might be lost.
  2. When comment data is written to CPU, the FB library comment data might be lost.(It will not influence on the machine facility.)
Change of PCwin Installer
It was necessary to have input the company name and the user-name to the PCwin installer up to now.From this version, the input of the company name, the user-name, and the serial number was needed.
If the serial number is not input, PCwin cannot be installed. Please input the serial number which is on the back side of the CD-ROM case.

  1. The following dialogs saved the display position. SFC property dialog, Ladder property dialog, SFC search dialog, Ladder search dialog, and Contact table dialog

  2. The batch change of the function operand has been improved. Example:In the case of change D01L from D00L to D02L D00L and D01L were change targets up to now. D00L, D00H, D00W, and D01L became change targets from this version.
  3. When the ladder is monitored, the display format of the function operand is switched.The display format is switched to one of the decimal number, the hexadecimal number, and octal numbers.
  4. The sampling of a 1 scan unit became possible in the time chart. Object operation mode: PC3JG separate, Sampling point: 64points, Sampling scan: 6000scan
  5. The address which had been searched in the point of contact table before was saved.
Bug Fix:
  1. When the ladder is printed, the bookmark is lost.
  2. Jumps from Ladder to the I/O Drawing. Ladder window returns to an default size when returning to Ladder.
  3. The comment might be garbled in the Comment Box dialog.
  4. The program is written with PCwin Ver.6. After that, when writing a [Program1+Comment] in PCwin Ver.7, an error is sometimes displayed with "The setting of the language of the current project is different from the CPU."
  5. When the comment list is printed, all GXY/GM is not printed.
  6. Even if the edge is added on the ladder, an effective address is not automatically occasionally allocated.
  7. The circuit might break when the edited circuit is converted by a OR(vertical line) of multi coil circuit position. Moreover, it is likely to become an error in the program check.
  8. The coil to which the input condition does not consist might be output in the ladder circuit block.(It might be occurred in combined of the OR divergence and the extended address. )
  9. When "It overwrites the comment data of the file.(Confirmation message's there being)" is selected by the import of the comment file, import cannot be done.
  10. When the SFC chart is printed, the block number might not be printed when EK is used for AQ.
  11. When the program check is done without exchange after the deletion of the circuit line, the block thereafter might not be correctly deleted.
 1.The company name "TOYODA MACHINE WORKS,LTD" is changed to "JTEKT CORPORATION". '06.01
Bug Fix:
  1. In the Link Parameter: PC link (master), the data of [SoftSW]-[Communication error in connection sequence] is not correctly set.
  2. The register data is not read though the command [CPU]-[Read Data]-[PC1 Backup] was executed.
  3. The comment on the ladder cursor of P2 and P3 might not be displayed in the statusbar or Comment Box.
  4. The comment on the sub-process step in the SFC sub-process is not displayed.When the project file is saved, the above comment data is lost.
  5. In the FB inside monitor, display of the indirect timer's set value is not correct.
Bug Fix:
  1. When the SFC chart editor does the step copy and paste, the comment might be deleted. (Transition is also same)
  2. When ladder monitor, the FB I/O relation display shift to the vertical direction when "Block comment" is made effective.
  3. When FB inside monitor, the comment cannot be found even if searching. (P2,P3)
  4. When FB inside monitor, the tag allocated to the address of GX(GY) and GM is not displayed.
  5. The edge address might overlap when the FB library editor allocates the edge address automatically.
  6. When "#" is used to tag's comment, the FB library editor deletes the character string since "#".
  7. CPU I/O drawing data is written by PCwin which does not have Option3(I/O Drawing). At this time, when command [CPU]-[Write Data]-[ALL Program+Libraly+Parameter+Comment] is written, CPU I/O drawing data is deleted.
  8. The direct address is specified for the action in the step of SFC. The SFC program does"SET/RESET" by "AQ=S or AQ=R". At this time, SET/RESET does not operate correctly occasionally.
Only Japanese version was released.
Bug Fix:
  1. The PLC program cannot write/read to PC2/PC2J.
  2. PCwin does not start though the project file dropped to PCwin icon.
  3. The command line function of PCwin does not operate.
  4. When the step is moved for the SFC edit, the action display of the project window is not updated.
  5. When "Contact table" function, the operand address of contact type function cannot be found even if searching.
  6. When PC3JG separate mode, the register data was saved to the file. At this time, device EB is not saved since 1FF80.
  7. When passing the project folder name is long, passing which opened last time cannot be memorized.
  8. When PC1 Ladder Monitor, PCwin might be downed.
  9. The project made by the previous version(Ver.6) is opened. And, "Save changes to Project?" is asked though the file closed without the change.
  10. PCwin might be downed by displaying the ladder circuit which uses the function.
  11. When the event monitor data is saved, PCwin might be downed.
Only Japanese version was released.
PCwin Version 7.0 does not work under Windows95/98/NT. PCwin Version 7.0 only work under Windows2000/XP.
  1. Version 6.3 can be work under Windows95/98/NT.
  2. Version 6.3 does not include new featur(Switch 3 comment languages,Function of I/O draw) of Version 7.0.
  3. Version 6.3 ended the support along with the release of Version 7.0.
  4. Version 6.3 can be downloaded.
Function addition:
  1. Three language of comment switch function.
  2. Edit function of I/O drawing.
Function improvement:
  1. The find function of the ladder was built in the toolbar.
  2. Full Text of Ladder and SFC comment have been displayed to the statusbar.
  3. The formatting of the drawing of each project is saved.
Bug Fix:
  1. As a result of the Block Compare, the block where the position of the contact is different is occasionally displayed as the same block.
  2. The PC3JB series and PC3JP-GP cannot be selected the setting of I/O module.
  3. The error of "Illegal operand" might occur if AC** is input to the function operand.
  4. When Using status list,The "D" device might not be printed.
Bug Fix
  1. In PC2 compatible mode, the AP error occurs in PCwin when the register is written.
Bug Fix
  1. The ladder jump function in FB does not operate correctly occasionally.
  2. It is not possible to jump from the SFC monitor to pertinent coil when the direct address is set to the action in the SFC step.(Example: EK01AC etc.)
  3. In the SFC action dialog display, the character of the second line of step/transition comment is wrong.("Print of SFC sheet"and"drawing style print"are same) When the environment is switched to Chinese/Czech/French in Japanese Windows, this phenomenon is generated.
  4. The operation method of PC link of the link parameter is difficult.([PC link]->[Soft SW]->[Baud rate])
  1. Update of PCwin French version to the latest version
    PCwin French version was updated to the latest version. (V3.3 --> V6.3R03)The saport of FB (function block) and PC3JG is included in this upgrade.
  2. Remodeling by update of PCwin French
    Japanese/English/Czech/Chinese/Chinese input support version is released by the French version update.
Bug Fix
  1. IMPORTANT: Incorrect operation of FB may occur.
    "FB execution memory area" might overlap between FB when a specific edit operation is done to the ladder circuit which uses FB.FB does not operate correctly by this cause occasionally. (CPU mode: PC3JG separate mode) The duplication check function of FB execution memory area was added.
    *Please update PCwin currently used to this version.In addition, the equipment
  2. Assigned shortcut key [Ctrl+Shilt+T] of CPU monitor start/stop cannot be operated.
  3. Import function ([File]-[Import Data]) was limited between same CPU mode and PC2 compatible mode.
  4. Color of the step in SFC monitor may not change. (In the case of SFC which has 129 or more steps in 1 process)
  5. Comment of 'FUNCTION' cannot be edited in comment list edit.[Edit]-[Edit Comment]-[Sequence Comment]. (CPU mode: PC2 compatible mode)
  6. Search fails in the search for the contact of another program.
New feature:
  1. DLNK-M2 Connection path setting was added.([Parameter]-[Link Parameter]-[DLNK-M2])
Bug Fix:
  1. Maximum value 65535 cannot be input to Function No.7 Operand 1.(In CPU mode: MX Data area separate 1)
  2. Program capacity parameter is not correctly set by PCwin CAD data converter. In that case, cannot be correctly read/write as PLC.(In CPU mode: Data area separate 2-5,Data area single 1-6)
  3. モWhen jumping from contact to the timer, the progress bar window is not close.
Bug Fix:
  1. A block may be erased during PLC program edit.
  2. Application error may occur at the time of event monitor data edit.
  3. SET/RESET coil is detected by duplication error with a program check.
  4. Three characters cannot be inputted by network address setup of FL-net.(English version Windows)
Function addition:
  1. Serial communication port was extended to COM 1-9.
  2. The check box "Before writing each program coincidence comparison SFC chart enable RUN writing." was always enabled. And the above check box was removed from [Option]-[Configuration]-[Operation].
Bug Fix:
  1. Communication error may occur in the case of PC2 compatible mode when writing the all programs and event monitor data.
  2. The comment of function cannot be displayed by the inside monitor of P3-FB.
  3. When the program name (system) of parameter is over 50 characters, error message will be displayed if [Title Address Edit]button is pushed in time chart monitor.
  4. Device U/H cannot be changed in [Contact Change]-[Function Instruction Operand].
Function addition:
  1. When the Program Check and Link Library Configulation, the FB version collation function was improved.
  2. The check box "Extended program check function is used." was always enabled. and the check box above was removed from [Option]-[Configuration]-[Operation].
  3. In ladder circuit, possible to search for the label string.
  4. When writing the program to PLC, the control by which the project data is written at the same time has been improved.
  5. After program is written in PLC, the ladder cursor position is kept.
Bug Fix:
  1. The display speed of "Time Chart Monitor" is slow.(PC2 compatible mode)
  2. The case where the communication error occurs exists by the communication setting"Communication via-link" and "Layer 3 or 4 of FL-Net".
  3. Ladder exchange error may occur in Set/Reset coil block.("The stack is not consistent.")
  4. Setup link address of ME-NET: The error occurs if "SAME MASTER" is input to the link address.(This problem is limited to English version PCwin.)
  1. FB library version management method was changed.
    FB library version management was changed from FB library version to FB version.
  2. New feature : Each FB version collation function.
    FB version in PCwin is collated with the FB version in PLC,and result is displayed.
Function addition and improvement
  1. "Writing during RUN" function improvement.
    "Writing during RUN"function to CPU of program with FB library is added.
  2. Search jump function improvement.
    Contact->Function search function addition.
  3. Coil search: Function and operand search function improvement.
Bug Fix:
  1. Library error occurs when CPU read/write.
    Error(71/7C library error) might occur if program and library write to PC3JG again after program and library are read from CPU.
  2. "DLNK-M2" link parameter setup.
    ・P1,P2,P3 and Ext address of U cannot be correctly set.(English version,English display mode)
    ・Address of U register cannot be correctly set.
  3. When edit Timer/Counter of PC1.
Function addition and improvement
  1. Master library/Subset library function addition
  2. Expansion of FB execution memory area(PC3JG Separate mode: 1520->9712 WORD)
  3. FB library edit: the second comment interlock function addition
  4. Ladder monitor display with continuity display additions
  5. Ladder program block compare function improvement
  6. Coil search: Function and operand search function addition
  7. Inside FB global signal jump
  8. Program size display function addition
Function addition and improvement
  1. Inside FB I/O forced ON/OFF function.
  2. FB search function improvement.
  3. Monitor jump function improvement.
    a)Contact->Word data transfer FB jump.
    b)SFC->FB jump and return.
    c)Word data transfer FB jump and guidance line display.
    d)SFC->LD jump.
    e) Inside FB global address contact ->Inside FB global address coil jump.
  4. Drawing style print:SFC drawing form content display addition.
  5. Block compare function improvement.
  6. Hi-Speed of FB internal data initialization.
Bug Fix:
  1. The data decompression error generated at the time of reading from CPU.
  1. Accept PC3JG CPU
  2. Correspondence of Large capacity program and data,FB library(60KW)
  3. New feature: I/O operation panel,I/O check(output),CPU(via link) communication
  4. Improvement extended program check function
  5. Enable select CPU Write: 'Program1+Comment(P1)' or 'Program1+Comment(P1+Ext)'
  6. Add AUTO mode for Setup Communication (AUTO mode using best baud rate)
  7. Accept DLNK-M2 module
  8. Ver 5.1 has compatibility of the previous version
  1. The Drawing Style Print function was added. (Option 2)
  2. Circuit edit/monitor/program check function was improved.
  1. The programming function addition of FBD(Function Block Diagram). (Option1)
  2. The symbolic programming function addition. (Option1)
  1. The setting function of the parameters for event monitor was added.
  2. The edit function of instruction language for PC1 was added.
  3. The display function of the compared graphs was added.
  1. The setting of the link parameter of TOYOPUC PROFI-S2O (model:THU-5981) module function was added.
  1. It remodeled (change instruction file compatible) I/O address lumping-together change in the feature up.
  1. It TOYOPUC-MX, PC1 series GL1 quite incorporated a feature into PCwin in the addition.
  2. It expanded SFC feature.
  3. It incorporated the PC1 series and PC2/3 series CAD data change feature.
  1. New