The influence of product specifications on the environment is deeply related to the development and design phases of the product. To lower our environmental burden, JTEKT must oversee entire products’ life cycle from raw material procurement, specifications to the customer, and to disposal. We must also take responsibilities to address matters including technological development for reducing environmental load and designs that allow products to be easily reused and recycled. JTEKT believes that our products and technologies directly and indirectly provide environmental countermeasures for our customers’ products and manufacturing processes and, as such, greatly contribute to the environment. Therefore, we endeavor to improve the environmental performance of each product through the product lifecycle, and are contributing to the prevention of global warming and the effective use of resources as we strive to achieve a sustainable society.
Main FY2020 results

Report of Activities

Promotion by the Environmental Responsive Products Subcommittee

The Environmental Responsive Products Subcommittee promotes development of environmentally-friendly products together with the domestic group companies in Japan. Innovative technology is incorporated in the development and design stages to make products smaller, lighter, and more efficient, as well as reduce the usage amount of substances of concern and raw materials. In this way,JTEKT is engaging in environmental conservation on a global scale through its products.

Contribution to CO2 reduction through products

JTEKT is working to improve the efficiency of its products with the goal of contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions by 800,000 tons or more by FY2020. As a result, it was 812,000 t in FY2020.
*Contribution amount of CO2 reduction through products is calculated globally for each fiscal year.
*The calculation method for the contribution amount of CO2 reduction has been partially changed since FY2016.
Assessment method

JTEKT has established its own formula to calculate environmental efficiency, and the formula is used as an index of quantitatively assessing the reduction volume of environmental burden. The value calculated by the formula indicates how much the environmental burden is reduced. Each year, JTEKT sets higher targets and endeavors to achieve it, monitoring the achievement level.

●Environmental efficiency basic equation and environmental efficiency value calculation
Environmental efficiency is a value calculated based on the degree of lightness, compactness, energy-savings, etc. The environmental efficiency value is calculated by dividing the environmental efficiency of the assessed product by that of the standard product.
●Calculation of environmental load reduction effect
As the environmental load reduction effect, it is possible to seek environmental load reduction ratio more than the environmental efficiency value. For example, if the environmental efficiency value was 1.25, that product’s environmental load reduction benefit would be 20%.A reduced environmental load is sought as the reverse of the environmental efficiency value.

3R initiatives

JTEKT’s business headquarters and group companies work together as one to promote environmental design activities.
Through the incorporation of creative ideas from the design stage, JTEKT group products contribute to the global environment.

Activity Details
HOUKO Co., Ltd.

In addition to producing new TOYODA grinders and overhauling used grinders, JTEKT is newly developing rebuilt machines to expand into its business.
Rebuilt grinders are scrapped TOYODA grinders that JTEKT obtains from the marketplace, revives using TOYODA’s accumulated technologies, skills, and experiences, and sells to the general public in the same way new machines are sold.
While rebuilt grinders are as precise as new machines, they are sold at 70% of the cost of new machines and available for immediate delivery.
Additionally, the cast iron, steel, and other materials forming the bed that had previously been discarded are reused, significantly reducing the environmental load.

丸野 航
Wataru Maruno Industrial Machinery and Bearing Operations Headquarters
Providing global standard environmentally-friendly products
In the bearing technology division, as needs for compliance with environmental regulations and higher efficiency rise, we further evolve our cultivated base technology and respond to the electrification of automobiles and diversification of the operating environment in the industrial machinery field by developing products that contribute to weight-saving and reduction of CO2 emissions. Furthermore, at our workplace, we are working on sound daily management of substances of concern so that we can provide our customers safe, secure, and reliable bearing products consistent with the increasingly strict laws and regulations, including the RoHS Directive and REACH Regulation.