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All for One Earth
JTEKT is the company that continually contributes to society with the provision of No. 1 products & Only One technologies, by uniting the world’s top class technologies and passions for manufacturing.
“Shaping a Better Future through the Spirit of No. 1 & Only One” is the JTEKT GROUP VISION shared globally by all JTEKT employees. JTEKT believes that it is necessary to have an attitude of undertaking environmental activities for the future.
“All for One Earth” is the slogan that motivates a united JTEKT group to address issues for protecting our irreplaceable Earth.

Meanings Incorporated in “All for One Earth”

Same as “No.1 & Only One” of the JTEKT GROUP VISION, the word “One” entails various meanings. Firstly, the spirit of “All for One.” This is the spirit of the JTEKT group uniting as one to undertake environmental activities.
The second meaning is the spirit of “For One Earth”.
Our products are utilized in broad areas including those of an automotive nature. Therefore we believe we possess great power to influence the planet’s environment. By leveraging this power positively, we hope to contribute to our “One irreplaceable Earth”. Finally, “One” represents the spirit of becoming “No.1 & Only One” in regards to environmental activities.
JTEKT will take on environmental activities revolving around this message filled with these three meanings.

Environmental Efforts

Basic Concept

The environmental, economic and social issues Japan faces are mutually correlated and growing increasingly complex. And internationally, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) was adopted in September and Paris Agreement was adopted in December 2015 and the concept of a sustainable society is becoming an international trend. In light of such circumstances, individual companies are also expected to comprehensively and properly deal with environmental, economic and social issues in order to realize the sustainable society.

The JTEKT group grasps the impact to the environment derived from its corporate activities and regards the environment as one of its major management themes. As such, the JTEKT group promotes its ongoing activities to realize the sustainable society by establishing the Value Creation Model in accordance with its Corporate Philosophy.

SDGs :
Adopted in September 2015. The 193 countries of the United Nations gathered in New York and agreed to establish new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in order to realize the richer, inclusive, sustainable and robust world. These SDGs set targets for accomplishment by the year 2030.

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Paris Agreement: Adopted in December 2015. Aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to a net value of zero by the second half of the 21st century in order to accomplish the target of suppressing temperature rise to less than 2°C.

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Organizational Chart

Organizational chart

Environmental Vision “Environmental Challenge 2050”

formulated and announced in May 2016
1. Product/Technology
●Contribute to the environment through leveraging product and technological development capabilities ・Proactively promote the development of products which are anticipated to alleviate environmental burden, such as components for fuel cell vehicles
2. Creation of a low-carbon society
●Minimize CO2 emissions throughout the entire lifecycle of products, from procuring raw materials, designing, manufacturing and to disposing the product ●Minimize CO2 emissions from plants when manufacturing products by the year 2050 ・Develop and expand introduction of innovative processes and equipment
・Daily improvements in plants and pursue higher efficiency of equipment
・Shift to renewable energies, such as hydrogen energies, etc.
3. Establishment of a recycling society
●Minimization of waste and expansion of recycling in the production stage ・Implement source countermeasure (yield rate improvement, etc.) and improve value of wasted materials through promoting waste separation, etc. (converting wasted materials into variables)
・Utilize recycled materials, expand internal recycling
●Recycle water used in plants, etc. to minimize water consumption. Make wastewater discharged from plants cleaner
4. Harmony with nature, biodiversity
●In addition to JTEKT-wide activities, promote activities to achieve a society in harmony with nature and protect the ecosystem through collaborating with the Toyota Group, the government and NPOs
5. Environmental management
●Develop the corporate culture and the mindset of employees aiming to proactively protect our planet’s environment ・Improve the mindset of employees to the environment and train employees in order to make contribution outside as well as within their organization
・Expand environmental activities company-wide

Environmental Action Plan 2020

In order to achieve the Environmental Challenge 2050, we have formulated the Environmental Action Plan 2020, which sets policies and specific targets for our efforts, and have shared it with the entire JTEKT Group