Main Activities FY2017


Tree-planting activity in the JTEKT Iga Proving Ground Forest of Symbiosis

"In July 2017, JTEKT signed a Forest of Social Contribution agreement related to the national forest around Iga Proving Ground (approx. 25.4 hectares). It was because the authority recognized that the Forest Development activity through Citizen Participation promoted by the Mie Prefectural Forestry Department is consistent with the JTEKT’s initiatives of “Society in Harmony with Nature and Biodiversity Conservation”, which is a part of its Environmental Challenge 2050. Accordingly, JTEKT is promoting activities related to society in harmony with nature in the form of the JTEKT Iga Proving Ground Forest of Symbiosis.
On Sunday March 11 2018, the employees from Kameyama plant and Iga Proving Ground, together with their families, a total of 53 people, planted 200 red pine trees in JTEKT Iga Proving Ground Forest of Symbiosis. The trees in this area had been dying due to pine wilt disease caused by an insect called pine wood nematode. In the national forest covered by the agreement, JTEKT planted red pine trees having resistance against pine wood nematode across the area approximately 2,500 m2. The participants faced the challenge of planting trees on a slope but under the guidance of three members from the local Nishiyama Furusato Conservation Committee, they dug holes to plant the saplings, and wrapped them around by protective sheet to prevent drying and deer-related damage, etc. Combined with the 300 trees previously planted, this made for a total of 500 red pine trees planting overall. Feedback from participants included comments such as “This activity helped us learn activities for harmony between society and nature. We’d like to do something like this again,” while members of the supporting Nishiyama Furusato Conservation Committee said that they would like to continue cooperation for JTEKT’s activities as members of the local community."

JTEKT Iga Proving Ground Forest of Symbiosis promotes activities primarily in the following three areas.

(1) Maintenance of forest roads (creating foot way for the future)
(2) Removing wood and unnecessary withered/decayed trees and tree-planting
(3) Participatory events (volunteer activities)

JTEKT has divided the approximately 25.4 hectare area covered by the agreement into five zones and plans around 300 red pine tree saplings in each of zones every year, performing activities (1) through (3) above. Moving forward, we will hold a variety of participatory events such as bamboo grass-cutting to enable the planted saplings to grow, and do continuous tree-planting activities. Our aim is that the forest of red pine tree will revive in this area through participatory events with co-working of local community members and the JTEKT employees’ hand-in-hand.


JTEKT has prepared the Global Environmental Message.

all for one earth2
all for one earth1

These days, there is considerable focus on ESG, primarily by investors, as an important management indicator for evaluating corporate activities comprised of the three components, Environment, Society and Governance. Particularly in regards to environmental issues such as global warming and depletion of resources, all JTEKT group members must be united, or we will never be able to solve the issues. This message is not merely a slogan or short-term campaign, but serves as a supplement to JTEKT’s Environmental Philosophy and Environmental Policy to indicate the direction of our environmental activities to be taken by a company and embody our spirit of contribution both directly and indirectly to society through environmental activities for the sake of the continuous development of human being.

Our wish of “All for One Earth”

Same as “No.1 & Only One” of JTEKT GROUP VISION, the word“One”entails various meanings. Firstly, the spirit of “All for One.” This is the spirit of the JTEKT group uniting as one to promote environmental activities. The second meaning is the spirit of “For One Earth.” Our products are utilized in broad areas including automotive, therefore we believe we possess great power to influence on the global environment. By leveraging this power positively, we want to contribute to our “One (irreplaceable) Earth”. Finally, “One” represents the spirit of becoming “No.1 & Only One” in regards to environmental activities also.

FY2017 Activity Report (Summary)

As part of our effort to achieve Environmental Challenge 2050, in order to promote the JTEKT group and our environmental conservation activities, we established the Environmental Action Plan 2020 which outlines our initiatives and targets, and share this throughout the entire JTEKT group. Below is the report of our FY2017 initiatives.
Global CO2 emissions volume
(base unit)
Improved by 9.6%
(compared to FY2012)
JTEKT independent CO2 emissions volume
(base unit)
Improved by 10.1%
(compared to FY2008)
Moving forward, JTEKT will proceed with setting CO2 emission targets based on scientific grounds in order to keep temperature rise less than 2°C, as agreed in the Paris Agreement. With the aim of realizing our Environmental Challenge 2050, we aim to minimize CO2 emitted throughout the entire lifecycle of our products.
FY2017 Activity Results