Together with employees -
Health-related initiatives

Social background

With the ongoing increase in national health cover fees and decline in productive population, the health maintenance of employees can be interpreted from a company management perspective, and an increasing number of companies are incorporating the strategic concept of "healthy companies."
Maintaining and promoting the health of our employees are preconditions for appropriation of medical expenses, improved productivity and the sustainable growth of our company. Companies are expected to "invest" the necessary capital for the sake of the future and proactively engage in health promotion and illness prevention for its employees.

JTEKT's way of thinking

We believe that it is essential for our employees to be healthy both physically and mentally in order to achieve sustainable corporate growth. increase. We aim to be a company where each and every employee can work energetically by proactively implementing measures for employee health.

Health declaration

JTEKT Group believes that the both physical and mental health of all employees and their families is the most important for company.
We will support the health of our employees and their families with compassion and sincerity, and will also work on health promotion activities with a focus on employees.
We declare that we will work on disease prevention for employees and their families, and create a health-first workplace which everyone can feel that the workplace is getting better and better. June, 2021
Kazuhiro Sato,
President of JTEKT Corporation

Health Management Promotion System

With the president as the person in charge at the core, we have organized a "health management promotion system" consisting of personnel departments, the labor union, and the JTEKT health insurance union, and are working together to promote company-wide health management.
Through the "Health Management Promotion System," we are implementing health promotion and disease prevention measures at each business site/workplace, aiming to raise employee awareness of health and revitalize the workplace.

Promotion System

Evaluation index (KPI) for health management promotion

We regard labor losses due to employee health problems as a management issue, and evaluate them from the two perspectives of "result index" and "action index."
In particular, we believe that "behavioral indicators" can contribute to raising health awareness by making them indicators that can be improved by the actions of each employee.
We are working to improve the health of our employees by implementing the PDCA cycle to achieve our goals so that they can work in good health and vigorously.

Classification Items Target(2025) Result(2022)
Result Index Days of non-occupational injury or illness leaves 29,000 days 35,745 days
Number of non-occupational injury or illness leaves 480 606
Days of mental illness leaves for the first time 3,750 days 6,802 days
Number of mental illness leaves for the first time 63 90
Action Index Healthy Human Assessment (★:Common to the TOYOTA group) ★Healthy weight (BMI:less than 25) Percentage of people who checked 7-10 items is 70% or more Percentage of people who checked 7-10 items is 60.4%
★Light drinker / Non-drinker
★Well rested by sleeping
★Have an exercise habit (1 times/week・30 minutes or more)
★Eat breakfast everyday
★Don't eat snacks
★Excellent mental health
●Have a hobby
●Brush own teeth twice a day

Main activities FY2022

[ Achieving mental health ]

Promotion of mental health measures

We are promoting mental health measures to prevent mental illness.

Stress check

We carry out stress checks for the purpose of noticing one's own stress and grasping the degree of psychological burden. 85% of employees have taken the test in FY2022.
In fiscal 2022, 85% of employees took the test, and counseling was provided to those with high stress who requested it. The high-stress factors were company factors (workplace relationships, workplace maladaptation) at 60% and individual factors (family problems, health anxiety) at 40%. There were no applicants for counseling by doctors. The company-wide average for the presentism index (one's own work performance over the past four weeks when the work performance that can be demonstrated without illness or injury is taken as 100%) was 83% in both FY2021 and FY2022. The work engagement index (company-wide average score for three items: "Job satisfaction" ," abilities and skills" ,and "Job suitability") was 8.4 point in both FY2021 and FY2022.
In addition, we conduct workplace improvement activities based on the results of stress checks, confirm the strengths and weaknesses of each workplace based on the results of workplace analysis, and utilize them in workplace management.

Transition of average stress levels / High-stress individual ratio yearly transition / Number of work absences due to mental disorders / No. of new people taking time off work and reason by age / Stress check results

Mental health education

The contents of mental health education include understanding of mental illness and how to deal, anger management, self-stress coping methods, assertiveness, and sleep improvement.

"Healthcare Newsletter" and "Topic by team member"

In order to raise employees awareness and interest in health, we publish monthly health information according to seasonal topics and company events as "Healthcare Newsletter".
In addition, as part of creating a well-ventilated workplace, we are developing a ""Topic by team member"" activity in which all workplace members speak about one theme that is different every month at each workplace during the morning and lunch assembly.
The purpose is to stimulate communication in the workplace by sharing each other's ideas and creating opportunities for discussion."

Health Day

Return to work program for employees on leave due to mental illness

Based on the guidelines of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, we support employees who have taken leave due to mental illness to return to work.
The return-to-work support program focuses on preventing recurrence and is implemented in collaboration with external organizations such as the Vocational Center for Persons with Disabilities.

Health management for long working hours

We conduct interviews with industrial physicians to check the health status of employees who have worked long overtime hours. During the interview, an industrial physician checks the employee's fatigue level, physical condition, and work situation, and if necessary, limits overtime for the next month and provides guidance on daily life.

The number of employees who need medical check for long working hours

Managers Staff
More than 70 hours per month Over 45 hours for 3 consecutive months More than 70 hours per month Over 45 hours for 3 consecutive months
FY2018 2,301 3,560 2,095 918
FY2019 1,767 3,680 1,284 680
FY2020 826 2,958 421 453
FY2021 1,378 3,826 997 308
FY2022 1,473 3,802 657 338

* The medical check for long working hours is for employees who have worked overtime for more than 45 hours for 3 consecutive months, or for employees who have worked more than 70 hours in a single month.

[ Achieving physical health ]

Reducing the risk of lifestyle disease

We emphasize the prevention and early detection / treatment of lifestyle-related diseases , and actively support the health management of employees.

Health Check‐Up

We conduct health checkups for all employees every year. We are also strengthening our support system according to the results of health checkups, such as providing support for consultations at specialized hospitals and health guidance for those with abnormal findings.
The rate those who have detailed examination is 60% in FY2022.
In addition, we carry out examination items that exceed legal medical examination items, and we also conduct stomach and colorectal cancer examinations according to age. In fiscal 2022, we invested 200 million yen in health checkups.

Health education

For improving the health literacy of our employees, we provide health education with content tailored to the target audience by age, occupation, and position. In FY2022, we used web and e-learning systems to improve the participation rate. In the health education survey conducted for new employees, more than 95% of the participants responded that they "understood the importance of health management". We conduct health education for women every year to raise awareness of health issues specific to women. In fiscal 2022, 73% of female employees received education.

Specific health guidance

We conduct specific health guidance within the company every year to prevent the onset of lifestyle-related diseases. The implementation rate in fiscal 2021 was 60%. In fiscal 2022, we utilized online tools and provided health guidance from industrial physicians in order to increase implementation rates and effectiveness.

Quit Smoking campaign

We are implementing various smoking prevention measures based on a smoke-free roadmap established in 2019, with the goal of reducing the overall smoking rate among employees to less than 25% by 2023.

Employee's smoker rate (yearly transition)

Employee's smoker rate (yearly transition)

Data health plan

As the collaborative initiatives with JTEKT health insurance association, JTEKT takes actions to address the issues through the data analysis of medical diagnosis, and promotes the prevention of disease and health management. In addition, we recommended each workplace to use the lifestyle charts and health reports that calculated the health age for employees to ascertain health risk and encouraged them to take medical checkup.

Health Support Point System

We launched the "Health Support Point System" in cooperation with the JTEKT Health Insurance Association with the aim of supporting lifestyle improvement and continuous health promotion.More than 40% of employees participate in this system.
Users can accumulate points depending on the results of medical checkups, the number of steps per day, and the status of achievement of healthy behaviors.These point can be exchanged for various gift.
We will utilize this system to encourage the establishment of healthy habits and raise health awareness of employee.

About correspondence of infectious diseases

Based on government policy, we share information with our group companies and business partners and take preventive measures against various infectious diseases. If an infectious disease such as pandemic influenza, Tuberculosis, measles, or novel coronavirus occurs, we will respond as follows.

1. Pandemic influenza
  • Measures to the expatriate and their family living in the areas where there is the outbreak of H1N1 -> Distribute Relenza and/or Infection prevention equipment
  • Measures in Japan -> Store Infection prevention equipment and take enlightment actions
2. Tuberculosis
  • Following the instruction by the administrative healthcare center, extract susceptible persons by performing health examination to the people that may have contact history with tuberculosis patients
  • Identify the group having possibility of infection spread, assess the risk of spread, and consider and conduct the countermeasures
3. Measles etc
  • Extract the susceptible person rapidly from the people that may have contact history with patients
  • Take the appropriate measures to prevent infection such as vaccination efficacious against measles
4. Novel coronavirus, seasonal influenza
  • Grasp onset of symptoms company-wide
  • Implementation of countermeasures based on the response manual
Healthy Human Assessment

With the aim of encouraging employees to think and act proactively to maintain and improve their own health, we conduct an annual "Healthy Human Evaluation" and feed back the results to individuals and workplaces. Based on the results of fiscal 2022, we will consider improving exercise habits and sleep as an issue, and in fiscal 2023, we will implement measures to improve sleep and work to establish exercise habits using the health support point system.