JTEKT launches low-friction torque bearing “LFT-Series”
- For the future global environment -

JTEKT Corporation (hereinafter JTEKT) has launched low-friction torque bearing “LFT-Series” by applying low-torque technology fostered through tapered roller bearing (TRB) development for automobiles to other types of bearings.
JTEKT will contribute to the reduction of energy loss by supplying “LFT-Series” where our torque reduction technology is incorporated for use in various automotive components.

In addition, this LFT-Series can be used in industrial machines that have needs for torque reduction as well as in automobiles.
JTEKT will contribute to the global environment through the proposal of this LFT-Series, which is the fruit of JTEKT’s Only-one technologies, to automotive/automotive component manufacturers and various industrial machine manufacturers worldwide.

* LFT is the abbreviation for Low-Friction Torque, and is a registered trademark of JTEKT Corporation.

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1.What is “LFT-Series”?

JTEKT, since its time as Koyo Seiko, has constantly focused on friction and lubrication in efforts to reduce bearing torque.
In 1980s, we achieved the reduction of sliding friction between the inner ring rib face and roller large end face of a tapered roller bearing and developed world’s first low-friction torque tapered roller bearing “LFT” that contributes to the improvement of vehicle fuel efficiency.
Even after the development, JTEKT continued further research on torque reduction and evolved tapered roller bearings to “LFT-II”, “LFT-III”, and “LFT-IV”. We have been always leading this field with No.1 low-torque performance and responded to the recent growing awareness on environment.
The “LFT-Series” was developed by applying low-torque technology fostered through the development of tapered roller bearings to other types of bearings such as ball bearings, needle roller bearings and hub units.
The “LFT-Series” is a group of low-torque bearings that contribute to the reduction of vehicle energy loss mainly in transmissions and differentials.
This series also contributes to the reduction of energy loss of various industrial machines in addition to automobiles.

What is “LFT-Series”?

2.LFT-Series lineup

LFT-Series lineup