Changed company name of Japanese group company

On 1, April 2023, 7 JTEKT group companies will change their names to include "JTEKT".

Reason for company name change

JTEKT unified all business brands as JTEKT in April 2022 in order to create synergies, respond to customer needs, and achieve further growth. By unifying brand, we promote to strengthen our product strength by creating synergies and strengthen our sales force with cross-sales activities, including those of our group companies.
On 1, October 2022, 10 JTEKT group companies changed their names to include "JTEKT". And this time, by naming 7 group companies "JTEKT", we will further strengthen the JTEKT brand by fostering a sense of group unity moreover.

List of company name changes on 1, April 2023



In response to the increasing sophistication and diversification of social needs, such as the realization of a decarbonized society, the automation and labor saving of production equipment, and the electrification of automobiles and Industrial machineries, JTEKT will continue to practice management with full participation and improvement. We demonstrate group synergies, and strive to provide a wide range of high-quality, low-priced No.1&Only One products and services as a group.


Reorganize business brand, unify it into JTEKT

Changed company name of Japanese group company