JTEKT developed the third-generation "High Pressure Hydrogen Valve" and "Regulator" for fuel cell vehicles.
The newly developed product can be applied on fuel cell commercial vehicles.

JTEKT Corporation has developed new series "High Pressure Hydrogen Valve" and "Regulator," there are higher flow rate and higher reliability to be applied on fuel cell commercial vehicles. With these developed products, we aim to contribute to a hydrogen society that is attracting attention as it strives to achieve carbon neutrality.


<Left: High Pressure Hydrogen Valve> <Right: Regulator>

1. Development background

We have the strength of our FC products, which are compact, lightweight, and high reliability, cultivated through over 20 years of technological development and world-class mass production* of two generations of fuel cell vehicles (FCEVs).

Taking advantage of this strength and anticipating the expansion of the hydrogen society, we have developed a third-generation "High Pressure Hydrogen Valve" and "Regulator" that can handle high flow rates for FC commercial vehicles.

*Mass production results are our own estimated values (as of the end of December 2022)
・Production record:over 54,000 units as mass-produced products
・Total mass-produced mileage:over 790 million km equivalent to 20,000 laps around the earth

History of JTEKT's FC technology;

・From 2002: Started FC business by applying fluid technology cultivated in hydraulic power steering
・From 2014: Newly developed and started of the mass production of a High Pressure Hydrogen Valve and Regulator, components for the first FECV "MIRAI" released by Toyota Motor Corporation
・From 2020: Started mass production of the second-generation High Pressure Hydrogen Valve and Regulator for the new "MIRAI"

2. Product overview

JTEKT's High Pressure Hydrogen Valve and Regulator are installed in the high-pressure hydrogen storage system of the FCEVs, so that our technology can be said to be an important enabling technology for high-pressure hydrogen systems.

Regarding High Pressure Hydrogen Valve;
・A product that is mounted on a tank where high pressure hydrogen (a power source for FCEVs) is pooled. Its role is to stop/supply the high pressure hydrogen.
・This product has a safety function that stops the supply of hydrogen gas in the event of an emergency or fire.

Regarding Regulator;
・A product that regulates the high pressure hydrogen supplied from the High Pressure Hydrogen Valve to the stack to a usable level.


<Product installation location>

3. Features of the New Product

Compact and lightweight

By standardizing the IN/OUT ports of the High Pressure Hydrogen Valve, the number of parts has been reduced. This contributes to simplify of system piping.

Contributing to the expansion of FC commercial vehicles

(1)Increasing the hydrogen supply flow rate and contributing to the conversion of commercial vehicles, which consume more hydrogen than passenger cars, to FCEVs.

・High Pressure Hydrogen Valve: 200% performance improvement compared to conventional products
・Regulator: 130% performance improvement compared to conventional products

(2)Reduced hydrogen filling time by expanding the hydrogen gas flow path of the High Pressure Hydrogen Valve.

(3)Improved durability to meet the long-term use required of commercial vehicles.

The high reliability that JTEKT has cultivated over many years is further enhanced, and the service life is improved.

4. Exhibition at HYDROGEN Technology EXPO

We will exhibit the second-generation FC products currently in mass production and also the third-generation "High Pressure Hydrogen Valve" and "High Pressure Hydrogen Regulator" as products that will contribute to customers considering converting their commercial vehicles to FCEVs.

■Venue                :Bremen in Germany
■Period                :27-28 September 2023
■booth number    :6C23 (Inside the exhibition booth of Toyota Tsusho Europe S.A.)
■Official site         :

5. Prospect

We would like to propose FC products that meet various scenes and needs, not only for passenger cars, but also for large mobility areas such as commercial vehicles, construction machinery, trains, and ships, as well as for use in drones.

By putting "JTEKT's basic philosophy" into practice, we will contribute to the development of a hydrogen society that will lead to the realization of a carbon-neutral and recycling-oriented society.

6. Targets of SDGs that can contribute through those new products


Endure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all

 Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts


JTEKT Group is working on business activities with the aim of achieving carbon neutrality by all JTEKT companies in 2035.