The way of thinking by JTEKT

About CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

In February 2009 JTEKT formulated its CSR Policy. In April 2016, it rearranged these into JTEKT's Concept of Corporate Social Responsibility and the Corporate Activities Standards and is engaging in a wide range of CSR activities.

Concept of CSR

In accordance with the "JTEKT Basic Philosophy" and our Corporate Activities Standards, JTEKT Group engages in business activities in harmony with the economy, society and the environment. As a good corporate citizen, we work to resolve social issues together with our customers and suppliers who share this mindset in order to continue contributing to the sustainable development of society and the world.

Corporate Activities Standards

Responsibility to our customers and business partners

  • We follow proper business practices and engage in fair, transparent and free competition based on a respect for the law.
  • We derive concepts from the market, provide the best in quality, technology and service, and obtain the satisfaction and trust of customers.

Responsibility to our shareholders

  • We maintain close communication not only with shareholders but also with society at large and disclose corporate information properly, while at the same time working to improve our corporate value on a continuous basis.

Responsibility to our employees

  • We respect the individuality of employees, create workplaces that are motivating to employees and enable them to fulfill their potential, and strive to provide each with abundant living circumstances.

Contributing to regional societies and to global society

  • As a good corporate citizen, we aggressively pursue activities that contribute to society.
  • We follow international rules, observe the laws, cultures and customs of countries and regions where we have operations, and seek to contribute to their growth.
  • We carry out global environmental improvement activities proactively and aggressively with deep awareness of their being an important corporate mission.

JTEKT Global Conduct Guideline

JTEKT has established the Global Conduct Guideline in an effort to fulfill its social responsibility as a company conducting business activities on a global scale. This guideline is updated and revised on an ongoing basis to appropriately reflect changes in international affairs and the social environment and expectations of society on corporations.

  • 1. Laws and Rules
  • 2. Customers and Business Partners
  • 3. Company
  • 4. Our Colleagues
  • 5. Society at Large

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