Together with shareholders and investors

Social background

The transparency of company management is scrutinized, making it increasingly important to disclose information in an accurate and timely manner and establish accountability. Moreover, in the financial sector as well, it is becoming more commonplace to emphasize ESG (*1) information when assessing a company's value. Therefore, it is important for a company to be able to balance earning power with business sustainability.

*1 ESG The first letters of "Environment", "Social" and "Governance". Items a company must consider when rolling out its businesses as corporate responsibility.

The way of thinking by JTEKT

Aiming for highly transparent management

One of JTEKT's Corporate Activities Standards is "Maintain close communication not only with shareholders but also with society at large, disclose corporate information properly, and strive continuously to improve company value." Based on this concept, we guarantee transparent management, and strive to construct a long-term relationship of trust with shareholders and investors.

Main activities

Information disclosure and IR activities

JTEKT not only observes rules on legislated disclosure and timely disclosure, but also strives to increase the transparency of its management. In addition, in order to deepen understanding of JTEKT and the JTEKT group by shareholders and investors, the company also actively discloses information that is both well-timed and appropriate voluntarily and in a fair manner, through various IR activities.

Quarterly results briefing

Results briefing for analysists and investors have been held 4 times a year since FY2019, adding the first and third quarters to two times per year(interim and year-end) . JTEKT will reflect the opinions received through the dialogue in our business activities.

Main IR activities
  • Hold results briefing and small meetings
  • Individual visit by investors
  • Individual interviews
  • Participate in securities company-hosted conferences
  • Participate in briefings for individual investors.
  • Issue of JTEKT Report (integrated report)

Shareholder status

Current as of the end of March 2023, the number of shares issued was 343,286,000 and the breakdown of shareholders is as follows.

Shareholder distribution status

Shareholder distribution status

Shareholder return

JTEKT's basic policy is to continuously improve the corporate value of the company and to pay stable dividends in the long term. Despite a net loss for FY 2022, JTEKT paid an annual dividend of 30 yen/share, in accordance with the basic policy. JTEKT will continue to improve capotal efficiency and aim to secure both financial soundness and stable shareholder returns.

Transition of JTEKT share price / Transition of dividend per share