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Promotion structure

Implementation of CSR activities in each division on a company-wide basis

At JTEKT, we believe CSR is a core corporate activity and, as such, each of our divisions formulates an annual CSR activity plan. A PDCA cycle * is then applied to this plan in accordance with monthly management based on policy control. Through this type of mechanism to achieve goals, we are incorporating concrete initiatives in company policy and business/function policies to achieve the steady promotion of CSR activities.
* A management technique involving ongoing work improvement based on repeating a PDCA cycle (Plan, Do Check, Action)

Various specialized working groups

JTEKT has established specialized working groups to address the important themes of compliance, trade control, confidential information control and social contribution. These respective groups formulate and promote activity plans.

Outline of the CSR promotion structure

Outline of the CSR promotion structure

Risk Management
Working Group
The periodic assessment of conditions relating to all risks affecting business management including compliance and confidential information control, risk assessments, and spreading awareness on compliance with laws, company rules and ethics.
Social Contribution
Working Group
Promotion of social contribution activities and volunteer activities

Continue discussion to improve corporate value

JTEKT has regularly inspected the progress of its CSR activities in the CSR Promotion Committee chaired by President that was formed in February 2009. Meanwhile, in recent years, society has begun placing particular emphasis on sustainable value creation by companies and stakeholders’ interest in this area is growing year after year. For JTEKT as well, the extent to which we can improve corporate value through our CSR activities is a major factor in our ability to fulfill our Corporate Philosophy of “Seek to contribute to the happiness of people and the abundance of society through product manufacturing”. For this reason, in March 2017, the name of “CSR Promotion Committee” was changed to “Council for Enhancement of Corporate Value.” The committee goes beyond the conventional scope of CSR activities by continuous discussions about practical implementation models aimed at value creation (Management Model and Engagement Model).

Establishment of the Council of Public Disclosure

JTEKT conducts appropriate information disclosure in accordance with laws and regulations. In August 2016, the Council of Public Disclosure was established, comprising of concerned directors and managers of JTEKT’ s Corporate Headquarters. This Council confirms the facts of information necessary for the realization of corporate governance and proactively discloses this through a timely and appropriate route. In addition to this information, JTEKT also discloses ESG information in JTEKT Report, our integrated report, in order to increase the transparency of our corporate activities and strengthen our foundation as a company trusted by society.