Corporate Disclosure Policy

1.Basic policy

JTEKT endeavors to further enhancement of management transparency, with disclosing information related to the JTEKT Group appropriately and fairly, to conduct constructive dialogue and to publish information actively toward establishing the relationship of trust with stakeholders, including shareholders, investors, customers, business partners, and local communities.

2.Disclosure standards

Corporate information requiring timely disclose based on standards in the Securities Listing Regulations established by the Tokyo Stock Exchange ("Timely Disclosure Standards") and Material information established by Article 27-36 of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act ("Fair Disclosure Rules") will be disclosed in a timely and appropriate manner in accordance with those laws and regulations.
In addition, even if the information does not correspond to the above, JTEKT will actively disclose the information that is helpful for stakeholders to deepen the understanding of JTEKT, the information that is considered important from the point of its influences to society or from the point of JTEKT's business strategy.

3.Disclosure method

JTEKT discloses the Corporate information in accordance with Timely Disclosure Standards. The Corporate information will be made public through the Timely Disclosure Network (TDnet) provided by the Tokyo Stock Exchange and, promptly after such public disclosure, made available via the JTEKT corporate website.
Information other than the above will also be disclosed in a manner appropriate, such as publishing on TDnet, information distribution to news media, holding press conferences and meetings, and publishing on the corporate website in consideration of timeliness, fairness and appropriateness of information disclosure.

4.Company organization related to information disclosure

The Information for the Timely Disclosure Standards will be centrally controlled by a person in charge of information disclosure within JTEKT, and will disclose in a timely and appropriate manner.

  • (1)Corporate information corresponding to the Timely Disclosure Standards and other information that is considered appropriate to be published on TDnet
    Discuss and consider the necessity of disclosure through the Council of Public Disclosure of JTEKT, which is chaired by the managing officer and consists of related departments. After receives the results, disclose it as necessary.
  • (2)Information disclosure other than mentioned above
    The information will be disclosed by appropriate means as necessary.

5.Policy for dialogue with stakeholders and policy for responding to information transmitted by third parties

  • (1)Handling of forward-looking information
    The information will be disclosed appropriately, in case of determine that disclosure is appropriate in light of "1. Basic Policy".
    In such cases, a reminder that the information may differ from the future statements due to risk factors and uncertainties will also be provided.
  • (2)Avoidance of selective disclosure
    Selective disclosure is the disclosure of Material information determined by the Fair Disclosure Rules, to any individual or group prior to the public release.
    JTEKT prohibits any selective disclosure except the case that would not against the purpose of fair disclosure, such as the information which is fully assured its confidentiality and that it will not be used for investment decisions.
  • (3)Silent period
    In order to prevent the leaking of earnings-related information and ensure fairness, JTEKT has established a Silent period from the day after the last day of the quarterly accounting period to the date of each quarterly financial announcement. During this period, JTEKT will refrain from responding to questions or comments related to closing and performance forecast.
    However, even during the Silent period, JTEKT will disclose necessary information in a timely and appropriate manner in accordance with "2. Disclosure Standards". JTEKT will also respond to questions during the Silent period regarding previously announced information.
  • (4)Responding to uncertain information transmission by third parties
    In principle, JTEKT will refrain from commenting on opinions, recommendations and forecasts etc. regarding the JTEKT Group by third parties.
    However, in some cases, JTEKT may disclose information in a timely and appropriate manner when not responding could have serious ramifications for the capital market and the company.

Reference: Specific initiatives regarding information disclosure by JTEKT

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